How to use INH Alligator Clips

How to use INH Alligator Clips

How to use INH Alligator Clips


Wondering how to make the most of your INH Alligator Clips? We've gotchu! 

These styling hair clips will keep your hair in place without a fuss.

Our heavy duty Alligator Clips hold your hair back with ease, giving you flexibility to section, style, cut, color & more without slipping or tugging. These lightweight hair styling clips are perfect for wet or dry hair styling on thin to thick hair.


INH Babe @jolene.jarvis using  INH Alligator Clips


Perfect Haircuts

Achieve that flawless haircut with the help of alligator hair clips. Section your hair effortlessly, focusing on one area at a time. Use these clips as your handy guide for precise blunt cuts and create a straight first cut by aligning two or more clips in a line.

Set Defined Waves

Get those stunning curls with ease using the INH Alligator Clips. Their flexible non-slip grip allows you to secure small or large hair sections with just one clip! Plus, they work for wet & dry styling.

Old Hollywood Glam

Are you looking to create captivating waves? Then, use these hair styling clips to push and shape the waves section by section, and release them once your hair is beautifully cooled & set. You can also use these clips to add volume and hold to your curls, and don't forget the hairspray for that long-lasting oomph! 

Styling Made Simple

Taming your hair during styling has never been this easy! Use your alligator clips to section your wet hair & blowdry while you brush to create a perfect voluminous blowout. When styling dry hair, rely on your alligator hair clips to be the perfect ally to your waver or flat iron.

Flawless Makeup Application

Tired of getting your hair in the way during your makeup application? INH Alligator Clips come to the rescue by keeping those annoying strands clipped back, ensuring a flawless makeup experience. They also come in handy when it’s time to remove makeup, simply clip your hair into a bun and cleanse your face without any interruptions.

Pro Tip

They are the perfect substitute for a claw clip! Can't find your trusty claw clip? Fear not, the Belisa Alligator Clips are here to save the day. Whether you're working from home or hitting the books during a study session, these clips will hold an impressive amount of hair securely in place.


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