How To: The Waver

The hottest headliner of the summer just landed, and we know you’re excited. The INH Hair Waver is our first-ever heat styling tool! We are in love with her and beyond excited for you to give it a try. To make sure that you get the perfect waves that last all day here, our tips in tricks.


As with any heat tool, we recommend a heat protectant. This is a simple step that will save your hair. It is especially important to protect your extensions! Whether it is our synthetic fiber or Remy Human Hair protecting your extensions will keep them looking fabulous for a very long time. While all heat protectants guard your hair, some have the added benefit of being a styling product. To ensure you look is perfect all day long, look for a heat protectant that also claims to be for styling. On long days or for big events, I use Kenra Thermal Styling Spray. It claims to create a firm hold that is heat activated, and oh boy, it does the trick.


Once you have your hair protected, the next step is to section it. I like to section my hair in half and then split each of those in half, leaving me with four sections. This ensures that every hair gets waved! When waving each section, I prefer to use medium size pieces; it creates a very full appearance without looking like a perm from the ’80s. If you have thick hair, I recommend beginning with more than four sections.

Now you are ready to go! The Hair Waver heats up quickly, so once you are ready to wave, just power her up and choose your heat setting. Remember, your extensions can’t take as much heat as you may use on your natural hair. For all our products, we recommend keeping the heat under 320 degrees Fahrenheit. While our products can withstand higher heat, we recommend using lower heat to increase the life of your pony or extensions!


Start waving close to your roots by opening the clamp and inserting your first section. When your section is clamped, make sure your hair is evenly spread across the barrels, so the hair heats evenly. This will create the deepest, longest-lasting waves. When moving down your section, leave the last wave in the waver to create seamless waves without a kink. Also, make sure to never pull the section down when waving; if you do, it will soften the waves, and they may not last as long. The hair will be hot when you are moving it around, so be sure to wear your heat protectant glove!

Once you have finished one section simply finish the rest and boom, you’re done! While there are many ways to style your waves, just leaving them down and loose creates the perfect beach waves that will last all day. To get the most out of your waves style on day one hair and wear them for a couple of days! These waves LAST and become more natural as time goes. If you are anything like our team, this will soon be your new favorite hairstyle.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Use a moose or styling cream before waving for waves that could last all week
  • Avoid brushing through the waves when done
  • Leave the ends of your hair out of the waver for a look created by the beach wave gods 
  • For a more natural look, don’t keep the waver parallel for every wave. Switch up the angle, and it will create less symmetrical waves
  • Style with little braids for the ultimate beach babe look

Make sure to check out The Waver today! Share all your waved looks with us on Instagram @InsertNameHere and use #inhbabe



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