5 Years of INH: Our Birthday Launch Is A New Pony

5 Years of INH: Our Birthday Launch Is A New Pony

Hi, babes! We’re celebrating 5 years of making the #1 ponies in America with a style that’s highly requested by our community.

Meet Dove

INH Babe @tammy.tot wearing Dove & Ballet Bow

A lightweight, everyday ponytail you can pirouette in. Based on the soft, light, feminine & comfortable aesthetic that allows you to move freely. Like leggings for your hair, she’s luxuriously soft, comfortable, versatile, and easy to wear. 
TLDR: Dove is perfect for coquette, balletcore & pilates princess looks.
Read on to check out our balletcore mood board, bts of product development & how to take care of our ponytail extensions:

The Inspiration Behind Dove: Ballet Core



INH Babe @lucydeux wearing Dove & Ballet Bow



What is balletcore? 


The fashion trend is a soft, comfortable, and feminine look that embraces the essence of a dancer off duty or a pink pilates princess and incorporates elements of athletic wear and streetwear. Those trying the trend will add ballet flats, bodysuits, tulle skirts, satin dresses, and coquette accessories like leg warmers to their wardrobe—  or simply a cute bow to their ponytail.

For INH, Ballet core is about having fun & feeling confident with your hair, that’s why Dove combines grace & elegance with comfort, functionality & versatility.



We’re obsessed with balletcore and this ponytail launch had the whole team executing grand jetés of excitement!






The Pony You Wished For: 



INH Co-Founders Shordynn @immbunny & @jordynn.wynn


Co-Founders Sharon Pak & Jordynn Wynn started INH Hair with the Miya ponytail, one of our best-selling ponies to this day.


For this launch, we wanted to celebrate 5 years with an everyday, community-focused pony. We ask our INH Babes community on Facebook, what kind of pony they would love to have– the majority of comments were for a shorter, everyday, wearable ponytail with a “multi-flick style”. 


We took these ideas to our drawing board and now Dove is a reality!


Read more about INH history on this love note from our Co-Founders:





What Makes Dove The Best?



INH Babe @lucydeux wearing Dove & Ballet Bow


She’s sweeter than the icing on the cake. Dove is 16” short with flipped out layers, she’s lightweight and is the perfect everyday ponytail. She’s silky soft & high quality, so no one even has to know that she isn't yours. Dove is a vegan ponytail extension made with INFINI-FLEX™, the closest person-made alternative to human hair.

Plus, she checks all the boxes for the best ponytail extension:


  • Pre-styled
  • Adds instant length & volume
  • Weatherproof
  • Beginner friendly


What’s Included:

  • 1 Dove ponytail extension
  • 2 INH bobby pins
  • 1 INH ponytie
  • 2 bb pins 


Ways To Style Your Dove Pony: 


Get inspired by these cute ponytail ideas & simple ponytail hairstyles for day-to-night looks.


Cute ponytail



INH Babe @Hannah wearing Dove & Ballet Bow


Chic Ponytail



INH Babe @jadeybird wearing Dove & Ballet Bow


High ponytail



INH Babe @lovekatiecole wearing Dove


Voluminous Ponytail



INH Babe @thesupermuse wearing Dove & Ballet Bow


For more information on caring for your INH hair check out our helpful guide.


We want to see your ballet core looks & your pilates princess ponytails, s’il vous plaitTag us on InstagramTiktokPinterestTwitter & Facebook , and use the hashtag #INHBabe!


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