How to Make Thin Hair Look Fuller And Thicker

How to Make Thin Hair Look Fuller And Thicker


Whether you were born with thin hair or experience thinning of the hair because of stress, hormones or other factors, thin hair can be frustrating. If you struggle with thin hair, follow this guide because as always, we’ve got you covered. 


Chopping off your hair isn’t only for moments of heartbreak or reinvention (though the act is pretty cathartic). Stylists often recommend that if you want to make your thin hair look fuller, you should get a hairstyle that suits you! 




The bob. Classic, iconic & wonderful for babes who want to get rid of hair weighing them down. By cutting your hair shorter, it allows your hair to scrunch up and look thicker. Whether it’s a short bob, long bob, frenchie bob, blunt bob, it’ll benefit your appearance while getting rid of dead ends!




When in doubt, layer! You may be attached to your hair and don’t want to try a major change like a bob and that’s okay. A big problem people find with thin hair is how flat it looks. Layers help give your hair natural definition and volume. Sculpt your face with face framing layers and add some dimension into your look in a super low maintenance way! 




As the post says, bang bang. Bangs, especially fringe bangs, make your entire head look thicker. You draw more attention to the front of your face instead of the sides. And if your hair is really thin, try short, baby bangs. Like cutting your hair short into a bob, it scrunches up and hides spots







Just changing the way you part your hair can drastically upgrade your look. If you usually middle part your hair, try a side parting. It’ll add volume to the side and naturally wave your hair a bit. 




If you want all of the volume from hair salons for a fraction of the cost, blow dry your hair using our Insert Blowout Here hot tool. The trick is to blow dry upwards, so even when it's dry it stays a voluminous, full shape. Thank us later. 




Flip out your ends for an extra touch! With this extra bounce, your hair will look fuller and more lively. Don’t have a hot tool? Try out our new 2 in 1 hair curler and straightener. She’ll get the job done. 








Our new Got To Grow hair serum is our non-greasy, caffeine charged, biotin boosted & peptide packed daily serum for hair density & strengthening. Our clinically-tested blend of natural vegan ingredients in their highest potency, is expertly designed to help support the scalp and improve the appearance of more voluminous, thicker, fuller, healthier hair.





For thicker, fuller looking hair, try mousse! It gives your hair extra hold and makes it harder for your curls/waves to fall. Try a light one, so your hair doesn’t feel too stiff and looks natural!



Wash, rinse, repeat, right? Well what if the shampoo you’re using is worsening your thin hair problem? Try out a thickening shampoo. It’ll add fullness to your hair and while it absorbs that extra oil that makes your hair look flat, it adds volume! Read our 12 Best Shampoos For Fine Hair blog post for some extra help. 



From coconut oil, to argan oil, to jojoba oil, to castor oil, oil occurs naturally in our hair but some extra help from clinically proven oils gives your hair that extra push it needs. When you make your hair stronger, it’s less likely to fall out. Which means, less hair loss and more growth! 







A product of our very own, the Filling Fine Touch Up Powder, is a revolutionary stick that helps you get thick hair fast & makes thinning hair look fuller in seconds! The days of using makeup and messy sprays are over — this powder is discreet, long lasting & super portable. She is a game changer! 





Last but not least, try our beginner-friendly extensions and wigs for customizable, instant full, thick hair! 




Our easy-to-use clip in extensions to add volume to your hair in minutes. We have the best 100% pure Remy Human Hair extensions on the market, which are also ethically sourced. Get full, thick waves that are easy to blend and comfortable to wear!





Ponytail extensions are beginner friendly and give you full hair instantly. You save time, money & boost your confidence all at once. In a poll of 112 diverse babes worldwide, 100% said that INSERT NAME HERE hair boosts their confidence. 




Our wigs are super easy to apply and with no commitment or heat damage, they’ll help you feel fabulous. Lightweight and secure, they won’t slip off and won’t be itchy because of the soft, stretchy cap we provide. Feel wonderful with thick, dense hair and no worries! 

Whether it’s a new haircut, hairstyle, products or all of the above, we hope you try out these tips and tricks and fall in love with them. Don’t forget to also eat nutritious foods and drink plenty of water. That helps hair growth and fullness just as much, if not more, than the tips above! 

And while your hair gets thicker faster, don’t forget that our extensions are always here to lend a helping hand. 

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