How to Get Your Hairstyle To Hold All Night Long

How to Get Your Hairstyle To Hold All Night Long

POV: You just did your hair in your room and it looks absolutely fabulous, but now it’s time to head to the party and you’re scared of losing your hairstyle or ending the night with frizzy hair. Holding your hair all night, like at a birthday party, New Year's Eve celebration or drinks with friends, is an art form. Here’s how to fight frizz and maintain your hairdo with essential hair products and tricks.


Prevention is key. After applying heat to your hair, it's weakened and more prone to breakage and dryness. So before even using hot hair tools like deep hair wavers or curling wands, use a heat protectant spray to shield your hair from thermal damage during party season. Bonus: heat protectant sprays also help hold hairstyles for longer. 





Bobby pins are reliable but if you wanna go the extra mile to keep your extensions tail tight and secure, try using snap clips. They are sturdy and hold your hair in place, even while dancing. 



If you plan on wearing a ponytail or bun extension, it may be worth doubling up on elastic bands to prevent falling. We recommend our INH Ponyties to secure your hair without the damage. 


A textbook hair product for fighting frizz. The trick is finding a hairspray that has a strong hold but also doesn’t make your hair hard or crunchy. Look for soft hair sprays for looser waves and try a more firm hold for thicker, tighter hairstyles. 




Pomade nourishes your scalp while you style away flyaways. It can add texture, shape, and control to your hairstyle and if it’s lightweight, it won’t leave your hair greasy, flakey or crunchy. 

Our own lightweight No Fly Zone Pomade comes in two holds: The strong hold pomade, which is recommended for coarse, thick or curly hair and the medium hold pomade, which is better suited for fine and / thin hair. 


For extra help with flyaways, try our Quick Slick Hair Essential





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