How To Cut Your Bangs

How To Cut Your Bangs

I think we can all agree that 2020 isn’t really going to start until this pandemic ends. With that in mind you may be thinking, new year, new you, new hair cut (aka I’m bored in the house and I’m in the house bored). Before you go and grab those kitchen scissors keep reading to get all our tips, straight from the mouths of our hairdressers, on how to cut your bangs! 


Our hairdressers Sam Nevarez and Jen Kohlenberger’s biggest piece of advice, after just waiting to get your haircut, is without a doubt is to make sure you have good scissors. This may mean splurging on hairdressing shears but, if nothing else, it is important to make sure your scissors are SHARP. Dull scissors can cause damage and increase breakage and bangs with split ends isn’t a cute look. Sharp scissors glide through hair making it better for your hair and easier for you. After scissors the next key to cutting your own bangs in a comb. The comb will help you section your hair. The size of this section will determine how thick your bangs will be.


Before you even pick up your comb, make sure your hair is clean. You can dry your hair but leave the bang section you will be using wet. When creating a section start with a middle part. You are going to create a triangle with the middle part being the top point of the triangle. How thick you want your bangs will determine where the point of your triangle lands. For thicker bangs the point will be farther back on your head, for thinner bags the point will be closer to your forehead. Once your section has been made Kohlenberger says to “Blow dry the section down to get everything laying down and this will help break up any splitting that happens from cowlicks or parts. Make sure your section is not only flat but also dry. It is important to cut bangs dry, that way you are cutting them at their true length. Wet hair can stretch and you may end up cutting off more than you want. A simple rule of them from Nevarez is “always cut while dried in the position you want the bangs worn”

The Big Cut:

To the brave souls who have made it this far, the next step is actually cutting the bangs. Always cut longer than you think you want, you can always cut more. A hair dresser we consulted with recommends directing all the hair towards the center of your face and cutting the hair with moderate tension. After the first initial chop Nevarez recommends to “start in the middle to set the guideline and work outward from there.” Depending on your type of hair you may need more or less tension. Curly hair girls should not apply the same amount of tension if they would like to wear their bangs curly. If you pull the curl straight it will likely end up too short, instead try holding the hair with little to no tension so you are able to see how the bangs will sit naturally. 

Final Touches:

Bringing the hair to the center should create bangs that taper into the hair framing the face. To clean up the bangs follow the same advice from above, cut a little to start. For a less blunt more feathered look Nevarez recommends “using the tip of the shears cutting small nips into the bang.” This will create a nice feathered edge. If you are loving how it looks so far and starting to think you missed your calling to be a hairdresser you can add additional framing around the face. Follow the steps above with the piece you want framing your face. Pull to the center, trim, and thin the edges by cutting upwards.

Boom Bangs:

Now you are a rockstar with some new bangs and a brand new look. For those of you who want that new look without actually pulling out the scissors Zooey is your new best friend. Zooey is a 100% remy human hair piece that allows you to get the look without the commitment. While you can trim Zooey with the tips above, we recommend waiting till you see a professional. Taking Zooey to a stylist will allow you to make her into the perfect shape and length for your face. Zooey’s bold bangs and face framing pieces create a seamless blend. These bangs look great with virtually every hair style. Adding bangs to a ponytail or bun elevates the whole look but one of our favorite combinations is Zooey and Lux extensions. We call this our Power Duo for a reason. This combo adds bangs, length and volume! Whether you are making the big chop or getting ready to clip in your new look INH has got your back. The image below shows the beautiful Jade wearing our Power duo bundle. 

@jadewadey wearing our Lux extensions and Zooey bangs

INH wants to thank Jen and Sam for providing us with their professional advice! While the government might have classified them as non essentials we know how essential good haircuts truly are. We are keeping all our hairstylists in mind during these tough times and look forward to racing back to them as soon as we can.

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