How To Celebrate National Hair Day

How To Celebrate National Hair Day

Hey babe! 

You might be wondering, when is National Hair Day? And the answer to that is October 1st. We want to give you a few ideas on how you can celebrate this day. 

Take this time to honor your unique beauty, say yes to that new iconic look, and to keep your haircare affairs in order!

Have a hair spa day

 INH Babe @lizziedufault using Got to Grow & Got to Gua Sha


This year, National Hair Day happens on the weekend. Enjoy the extra time to do a spa day for your hair. Help improve the appearance of more voluminous, thicker, fuller & healthier hair with our Complete Scalp System. Apply the ultra-lightweight g2g serum to your hair roots and massage your troubles away. Then, use Got to Gua Sha comb to boost blood circulation. Finally, light up a candle and put on a calming playlist to round up the relaxation sesh.

Try out a new hairstyle

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This hair day is an excellent opportunity to switch things up! You can go to your stylist and ask for a new haircut, or do a new shade (if you want a risk-free transformation, try a beginner-friendly glueless wig). You can even embrace change with minimal effort by adding some dimension to your look with clip-in bangs. Wear Zooey to achieve a blendable feathered style. If you’re not looking to cut it and you want to add volume and length, your look can be completed with our u-clip hair extensions.

Master your styling tools


We all love that perfect salon look, but not all of us have the skills to do it at home. We get it! Sometimes we think that we would attain the perfect barrel curls on the first try, or we could master the blow-out technique in seconds. Upgrading your tools definitely helps because newer technology can help you style faster, cause less heat damage, and are made to be lightweight and easier to maneuver. But let's get real for a second; it can take time and a lot of arm strength to get that professional look. Now is your chance! Search for tutorials, follow these expert tips, and take your hot tool expertise to the next level.

Learn which are the best hair accessories for your hair type

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The beauty behind hair is that there are so many different types. Take advantage of what your mama gave you, and style your hair with the right
claw clip for your hair pattern. You can also feel like a pop star and do a bubble ponytail or the '90s twists with these accessories.

Clean up your brushes

 INH Babe @katierose.bae using Never Knotty Brush

Last but certainly not least, you can use National Hair Day to clean your hair brushes. You may know the importance of cleaning your makeup brushes but many of us skip the hair brush cleaning and that can be harmful to the hair and scalp. Stylists recommend doing this step at least once a month to prevent greasy hair. They also say this is crucial for healthy hair because dirty brushes can lead to buildup, dandruff, and many scalp problems. If you want to follow the detailed instructions you will find them here!

These are only a few ideas, but you can also throw a wig party with your friends, send a lovely message to your hairdresser, support your loved ones on their hair care journey, and many more! 

Just remember, National Hair Day happens on October 1st, but you should love your beautiful hair every day of the year. 

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