How To Blend Hair Extensions With Natural Curly Hair

How To Blend Hair Extensions With Natural Curly Hair

Hey, babe! Let’s face it; it can be a real struggle when it comes to blending curly extensions with naturally curly hair. Whether you’re 3A, 3C, or 4A, we have you covered!

Here are our best tips to style your curly clip-in hair extensions!

First Things First, Take Care of Your Hair The Night Before

Use our lightweight serum g2g and drop it like it is hot into your scalp. Since it’s packed with peptides, it promotes healthier-looking hair. Then use our gua sha to massage your scalp and finish the routine with a protective hairstyle for the night.

Pro tip: your hair will look like a million bucks with these tips!

Get the Best Curls With Zero Damage

This is what we call the no heat method! Going section by section, tease the root of your natural curly hair for the clip-in extensions to clip securely to your curls. For more grip you can use a little dry shampoo or texturizing spray or pomade– This will create a solid base for the pre-styled curly extensions to grip & hold texture all day. Use your fingers to twist, blend, & separate your curls for extra volume.




INH Babe @itsmyrayeraye using Raye extensions in the shade Neutral Pitch Black

Pro tip: If your hair is fine, you may need to install your extensions lower than normal. Normally, for thin or fine hair, this is anywhere below the line of your eyebrows.

Fine-haired babes may also want to do the braid method, which entails braiding, crisscrossing, and pinning them flat for each lower section– then applying the weft overtop.



INH Babe @MehreeMakeup using Insert Sleek Hair Here Hot Brush and UClip extensions in Honey.


If You Want To Use a Heat Styling Tool on Your Synthetic Hair


Get volume & definition that lasts.

Sometimes you are reaching for the stars and want a little extra oomph! Follow the steps of the no heat method, then apply our Flame Fighter to protect your hair and extensions from heat. Remember to use a lower heat setting for your styling tool, & curl those pieces that you feel need to be more polished. Use a lightweight pomade to tame flyaways & you’re good to go!

Note: when using heat on heat-resistant hair pieces, do not surpass 320 degrees. Be careful, as the original texture will not return once styled with heat. 

Blending Curly Extensions with Natural Curly Short Hair

It’s all about the right balance! The benefit of natural curly hair is that it has volume, which makes blending synthetic hair with natural hair a lot easier.

Pro tip: Match the brilliance & vibrancy of synthetic pieces by adding Super Shine Serum to your own strands before applying. Alternatively, you can give the hair piece less shine & a more tousled lived-in look (with extra texture for your natural hair) by adding dry shampoo.

All of our INH hair pieces are designed to blend seamlessly & have been tested by our stylists to make the clip-in wefts undetectable.

A Ponytail is Always a Good Idea!



 INH Babe @mariahclayton using Zoe in shade Dark Brown

If you’re still trying to figure out the best look to wear with your natural curly hair, but you’re afraid you might not have enough to work with, fear not!

Our ponytails work for all hair types and lengths and are an outstanding solution to look perfectly put together in less than 30 seconds. Pop your hair in a ballerina bun or a ponytail and clip these extensions right overtop.


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