How to Apply U-Clip Hair Extensions

How to Apply U-Clip Hair Extensions


Welcome babe! Here’s everything you need to know about our one-of-a-kind INSERT NAME HERE Hair U-Clip extensions.


What makes our U-Clip the best?

The U-Clip is the easiest hair extension in the world! It's one full hair piece that evenly distributes the weight across your scalp with 8 clips for less tension on your strands. You get the full effect of voluminous hair with minimal effort & more comfort. It only takes 2 steps!

The U-Clip is made out of our INFINI-FLEX™ technology — aka the most realistic vegan hair extensions on the market. Almost impossible to differentiate from human hair, our expertly made artificial human hair feels soft, blends easily, and has natural shine like that of healthy human hair. You can enjoy years of wear from this weatherproof & low maintenance fiber, which never loses its style or vibrancy. With the proper maintenance, our U-Clip will last through years of styling! 


The U-Clip is a great option for people with medium length layered hair that needs added volume & fullness, without the hassle or commitment. You can take the U-Clip in and out as often as you want without causing any damage to your hair.



Every U-Clip order comes with:

  • 1 tester piece to make sure you have the shade that blends best with your hair
  • 1 reusable satin storage bag to preserve & protect your INSERT NAME HERE hair



How to Apply U-Clip Hair Extensions





U-Clip Extensions may seem intimidating, but they’re actually very easy to apply! Let’s tackle it step-by-step.


  1. Section your hair. It should be dry and tangle-free hair. Using your fingers or a rattail comb, create a "U", horseshoe-shaped section from ear to ear around the crown of your head. Clip this top portion of your hair in a bun away from your face.

  2. Brush and clip. Before applying, gently brush your U-Clip from tip to root. We recommend using a wide tooth comb. Place the U-Clip around the horseshoe section (Make sure that the U is centered). Secure all the clips around the top of the horseshoe. Finally, secure the clips on the bottom of the cap. This should take less than 20 seconds!

    Pro Tip: if you prefer, you can braid down the bottom section or do a baby bun and clip the U-Clip overtop to cover it, as demonstrated in the video.

  3. Part and brush - Undo the bun. Make a middle parting and gently brush your hair down. You can also tease the hair before you lay it over the U-Clip to give it a little more volume. And that’s it! You’re ready to go!


Pro Tip: If you find that the U-clip is too big or too small for the horseshoe-shaped section that you created, you can always redo the first step to create a larger or smaller section. If you’re using the pre-styled U-Clip you can curl or style the top section of your own hair to blend with the extensions during the final step. Keep in mind that the U-Clip is heat resistant up to 320 degrees, but once hot tools are used you will not be able to snap it back to the original texture. 



Problem solved 

When loads of babes asked for a U-Clip that already came with curls, we went to work to solve the problem! With it came our new 18” U-Clip with loose barrel curls — aka our Curled U-Clip


INH Babe @xena.harrison wearing our Curled U-Clip in dark brown

In our most requested style, these beautifully blendable & voluminous pre-styled loose curls are always ready to wear. Skip the salon appointment & hours of styling.


Curious about extensions but are unsure where to start? Take our extensions quiz to find the BEST extensions for you!


And that concludes U-Clip 101! You’re now on your way to becoming an extensions expert. We want to see how yoU-Clip! Be sure tag us on Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest, Twitter & Facebook and use the hashtag #INHBabe to show us your creative looks.



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This is AMAZING!!! It blends in So well and the match..? To die for! If you’re on the fence.. JUST DO IT!! GET IT! You won’t regret it! ;)


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