How To Apply Drawstring Ponytails

How To Apply Drawstring Ponytails

So many ponies, so little time~ 


Hey, babes! Today we’re going to show you how to easily and effortlessly apply drawstring ponytails — AKA the perfect ponytail extensions for babes with curlier, thicker or longer hair. 


Drawstring ponytail extensions have soft breathable netting, 2 inner combs & a drawstring. They're lightweight & secure, with a comfy, customizable fit. (No tight ponies here!) 


INSERT NAME HERE currently has two curly drawstring ponytails: Molly & Maddy! They're both made with INFINI-FLEX™ - the closest person-made alternative to human hair. This vegan fiber is ready to wear, weatherproof AND low maintenance. If you take good care of these babes, they'll never lose their style or vibrancy.


INH Babe @alysilverio wearing Molly in shade Jet Black. 


What’s Included:

With every drawstring ponytail, you’ll receive:

  • 2 INH BB Pins & 1 INH Ponytie
  • 1 tester piece to make sure you have the shade that blends best with your hair
  • 1 reusable satin storage bag to preserve & protect your INSERT NAME HERE hair


What's the difference between drawstring ponytails and wrap-around ponytails? 

Drawstring ponytails are especially great for high ponytail looks, babes with longer or thicker hair who may have a harder time blending their natural hair with our wrap ponytails, and for babes with curly hair.


Thanks to the way the drawstring ponytail is designed, you don’t have to worry about curly flyaways peeking out of the ponytail extension— the drawstring ponytail wraps securely around your existing bun and covers it. It also can be used as a protective style while you deep condition your curls.


For curly drawstring ponytail Molly: there's two different methods of application: jaw clip application & drawstring application. Babes with shorter, thinner hair textures will prefer the jawclip application. Meanwhile babes with longer, thicker hair textures will prefer the drawstring application! Regardless of which you choose, you're sure to turn heads ASAP!


For curly drawstring ponytail Maddy: there's one key method of application. Don't worry, she's super easy! You'll be able to party wearing her large barrel curls in no time!


Ready to get your pony power on? Let's get into these quick & easy curly drawstring ponytail tutorials below:


How to Apply Drawstring Ponytails: 


Jawclip Application (Molly Only): 


Step 1:

Start with dry, tangle free hair. Using your fingers or a brush, gather your hair into a high pony and secure with a sturdy elastic.


high curly ponytail extension


Step 2: 

 If you have short hair you can now use the large clip on Molly and clip directly over your existing ponytail. Be sure to clip securely over the ponytail holder and your real hair.


high curly ponytail extension


Step 3:

Then, taking the curly ponytail piece remove the net from around the jaw clip. This is easier than it sounds! You can just pull the stretchy netting off each tooth of the jaw clip.

Once the clip is removed, take the Molly high curly ponytail and set the net over your bun. Secure the combs tightly around your bun and tighten with the elastic string. Et voila! You have a beautiful, voluminous pony! 

Please note: if you have extremely thick or long hair, this long curly ponytail may not be the best match for you as it could be difficult to fit all your hair in the net.


Drawstring New Application (Use for Molly or Maddy): 


Step 1: 


Wrap your natural hair into a tight bun on top of your head & secure it tightly with your included INH ponytie.

INH Hair Molly curly hair ponytail 


Step 2: 

Loosen out the drawstring. Carefully open and remove the jaw clip from the net. 

Then, place the net over your bun & slide the two combs underneath your ponytail elastic. Secure your ponytail by pulling and tightening the adjustable drawstring buckle, locking your preferred size into place. 


Step 3: 

Tuck in the remaining drawstring inside the net. Et voila! You have a beautiful, voluminous pony! 


curly ponytail piece



How to Style Your Drawstring Ponytail: 

Now for the fun part: Styling! You can style your curly hair ponytail a few of different ways.


    INH Babe @_meagangreen wearing Maddy in shade black brown.




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