How To Apply Clip in Bangs

How To Apply Clip in Bangs

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Here today to walk you through the quickest hair transformation of all!
If you’ve ever found yourself in the age old debate of whether you are ready to commit to “the chop” we can help!

Meet Zooey – the INH clip in bang hair extensions - is your gateway to test-driving a new set of fringe while skipping that whole gnarly grow out period (speaking from experience here).

Keep reading on to learn the best way to fake your fringe with the best clip in bangs by INH Hair.

How to Apply Clip on Bangs?

For this clip in bangs tutorial we are using the clip in ZOOEY bangs in natural black.


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Step 1

Once you receive your bangs style them ASAP. They get slightly flattened in the package and need ruffled up a bit to look more natural. Try fluffing lightly with a brush and blow dryer. 


Step 2

Create a center part. It’s important each side is even and your hair is sitting flat against your head before you apply.


Open all three clips. Line up the bangs to where you want them to fall along your brows. 

Keeping the back clip aligned with your part, first clip in the two side clips and then the back clip, and that’s how to put on clip on bangs!


Step 3

Try our best selling clip in bangs with a Ponytail or Top Knot! Or maybe mix and match the bangs with our hair bun extension. if you have short hair and want to add length and volumne to your hair, check out our Remy human hair extensions!

Also, we recommend not washing your clip in bangs too frequently, the more texture they get the more natural they will look! 

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Any advice on cutting the bangs? I really don’t want to ruin them but they look a bit off if I place them “comfortably” as to where I can see…haha… otherwise you can see my real hair and it just looks dumb :( tyia!!


How do you put the pony tail on


I just got my bangs and LOVE THEM! A little detail you don’t mention here: It is important to go a bit closer to the hairline, this way your own hair will be well hidden, a couple of inches is what I found work best. For me, the bangs were too long and I had to cut them so I could wear them at this distance (I have a small head and a very short forehead).

Alejandra Sura

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