Easy DIY Halloween Costumes Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Halloween is closer than ever, babe! We selected some iconic looks for your next Halloween party. 

If you want to know which is your pop culture Halloween costume according to your zodiac sign, keep reading!  


Tiffany Valentine-Ray, Bride of Chucky


INH Babe @ashlevi wearing Pamela

Tiffany tends to be a little skeptical, and she kind of looks scary when you first meet her, but she's sweet, creative, and a feminist at heart. She's also very passionate, motivated, direct & determined. Ringing any bells, Aries babes? 

Get Tiffany's iconic blonde look with Pamela. She's short but not so sweet, just like Tiffany Valentine!




If you instead want to show up to your Halloween party looking smashing, go as She-Hulk. The green superhero will make you stand out from the crowd. Give your hair a makeover without damaging it with our semi-permanent hair color in the tone Emerald. Opt for Sasha if you want extra length and voluminous hair in seconds. 





Since Barbie is down-to-earth, friendly, kind, and loves fashion, there's no better costume for you this year, Taurus babe! Plus, you'll get to try the barbiecore trend and show everyone your fantastic fashion sense.

If you wanna go for the extra-long blonde hair you have so many options. Use Taylor for a classic look, Cloe to ad a little bit of spice, Honey or some bangs, or Bambie to be a more bohemian Barbie.

You wanna try a pony? Lola is the perfect preppy ponytail extension. Choose Miya for an insta-famous high-impact makeover.

We have a whole Barbie x INH Hair collection you can wear for Halloween. Use Alyssa Barbie™ Edition Ponytail to embrace your inner Barbie, or choose the Barbie™ Totally Hair Accessories Bundle to channel your Taurus extra self!

Kate Sharma from Bridgerton


INH Babe @alicieaher wearing Sammy black.

You're confident in your decisions and very Driven, like Kate from Bridgerton. There's no better way to dress up luxuriously this Halloween! To achieve Kate's impressive updo in seconds, we recommend using
Sammy and styling the loose pieces at the front of your face with Insert XL Curls Here.


Marilyn Monroe



Marilyn was a social butterfly, she had a lot of charisma, but she was also a hard worker. Use your charming personality and transform into an iconic Hollywood diva! 

You'll need a hot tool ally like Insert Waves Here or Insert XL Curls to get Marilyn's impressive hair volume. You can also use extensions to get extra volume! For a shorter & fuller look, apply your u-clip extensions and curl them following these instructions. 

Anna Delvey



If someone could pool a Delvey and make everyone fall in love with them would be you, Gemini babe! Anna is charismatic and confident, has excellent social skills, and has a unique eye for fashion. TLDR: Anna Sorokin, also known as Anna Delvey, is a con artist/fraudster who posed as a wealthy German heiress to access the upper echelons of the New York social and art scenes from 2013 to 2017. 

The perfect wig for Anna's look is Yoyo! Now you need to find a chunky pair of glasses and an unstoppable outfit. Practice your poker face for your Halloween party & get ready to trick or treat! 


Sadness from Inside Out



We get it, Cancer babe; you always get teased by how emotional you can get about things, but that only happens because you're smart, nurturing, sensitive, and compassionate, like Sadness from Inside Out. 

Go for Megan, our new blue Halloween wig, and let every emotion flow with your Sadness costume! 

Drea Torres from Do Revenge



Did you see Do revenge? It was so good & it delivered a bunch of amazing hair looks & outfits. Bring on that Cancer self-protective character with a Drea Torres-inspired costume, and get ready for revenge! 

Camila's hair is stunning in this film. If you're a dark-haired babe, straighten your strands with a hair styler. In case you're wearing another hair color Jade is here to elevate your Halloween costume. 


Ginger Spice



Ginger Spice always found a way to stand out from the other beautiful Spice Girls. Her personality was bubbly & constantly caffeinated, and she loved being the center of attention like every Leo does. And guess what? Geri Halliwell is a Leo, so this costume will be your cup of tea!

Wear Jean, to enhance your fire sign features. This Halloween costume idea will release your femme fatale or unleash a new alter ego, and we know you love that, Leo babe!

Scarlet Witch



Who else would mourn the love of their lives like Wanda if it wasn't a passionate heartbroken Leo? Wear your Scarlet Witch costume proudly with Ivy, our vibrant burnt red hue wig. You'll be turning heads everywhere you go. 





Our Queen B is a perfectionist; she is hard-working and very loyal. And yes, Virgo babe, you share your zodiac sign with the one and only, because she's also a Virgo herself. 

Benefit from that natural fearless leader energy and wear a pony! Braid Lara to accomplish Beyonce's sleek ponytail braid. Of course, you'll want to maintain your hair perfectly together all night with our hydrating hair pomade.

Mabel Mora from Only Murders in the Building



This is an easy last-minute Halloween costume idea, but it works! Her whole wardrobe screams fall and give earth vibes, so you'll be right up your alley with this one. Virgos are detail-oriented and practical, and although sometimes they can seem cold from the outside, their friends know their true nature. Get Mabel's effortless hair waves with Insert Big Waves Here & make sure you style your baby hair like Selena with Quick Slick





Librans are all about the aesthetic, and they love a good "haters" to lovers plot. Think Megara from Hercules. She's also very clever, quick-witted, & attractive. That's why we know this costume is perfect for you.

Not even the gods will know how quickly you could pull this hairstyle out. Brit is the best for loads of length with curled ends.

Emily in Paris



Emily is warm, friendly, super perky, bubbly, open, and caring like Librans! Emily in Paris costume is also a quick and easy DIY option. You'll need a cute outfit, and apply your curled u-clip extensions or your long and wavy extensions to get that polished look. 


Maddy from Euphoria 



Maddy is fearless, passionate, creative, and loyal. She shares all these beautiful traits with Scorpio babes, and thanks to Mars, Scorpions are also really bold. 

That's why it doesn't matter if you decide to wear the iconic black dress or the Maddy Perez cheer costume; you'll look stunning no matter what with Jade. Our super long, black wig can easily be parted to get Maddy's look. In case you want a pony, you’re in luck because we have a pony extension inspired by Maddy herself.

Eleven from Stranger Things 



Jane Hopper, AKA Eleven, is passionate, intense, secretive, guarded, and emotional. Scorpions are all of these things and more. Are you ready to get inspired by your Stranger Things Halloween costume? You have so many options with an Eleven costume! 

If you go for the classic season 1 makeover with the blond wig, you can make it happen with Taylor. Try the punk vibe and go for Eleven's slicked-back hair from season 2. Shape your strands with No Fly Zone Pomade for a strong yet pliable hold that is never greasy.

 If you want to try Jane's fun '70s vibe, you'll want to get your hands on these accessories or style your half-pony with a big scrunchie. Finally, for season 4, get the bang voyage kit to get the perfect bangs in seconds. 


Rhaenyra Targaryen from House of The Dragon



If you have been watching House of The Dragon, you probably already fell in love with Rhaenyra's personality. She's smart, charismatic, confident, adventurous, and a little bit flirty. Sounds like a Sagittarius to me! Sags babes are born to explore & be free; they need to roam!

Is your goal to get a Rhaenyra's Targaryen hairstyle this year? You can totally do it with Krystal, our platinum lace front wig. You can braid it to fit the hair look you're going for and use a hairpiece to make your outfit even more realistic; just follow this DIY TikTok tutorial.

Sarah Sanderson




We're super excited to see all the Sanderson sister's costumes this Halloween, especially Sarah, who is extremely flirtatious, has a sadistic but cute sense of humor, and can be a little bit absent-minded, but that's only because she doesn't take herself seriously. 

Being a mutable sign, Sagittarius can be great entertainers and highly loyal to the people they love. This last part will resonate greatly with you if you already saw Hocus Pocus 2. Use Bambie to get Sarah's long wavy blonde hair. Style the bangs with bobby pins & you'll be good to scare away some children!


Lara Croft



Intelligent, fearless, independent, loyal, strong, and a go-getter. Of course, we're talking about a Capricorn babe! Such as Lara Croft, who is ambitious, logical, and goal-oriented. Plus, Capris don't mind the hustle.

Work Lara's 3 super sleek pre-sectioned braid tails to create your Lara Croft costume. It is as simple as applying, braiding & shaking! Don't forget to carry Quick Slick with you to prevent your hair from moving out of place at your Halloween mission.

Prince from Bullet Train



If you saw the movie, you know that she was driven & clever. Prince was a planner & excelled at taking charge, almost like a true Capricorn would. 

To obtain Prince's hair, you want to go with Olivia, our brown wig with 13 inches of pure straight sleekness. The perfectly sharp & put-together look that Capricorns love! Don't forget the finishing touch for this costume. Accessories are everything!


Black Cat from Marvel



The Marvel antiheroine is smart, witty, clever, and a perpetual flirt despite always seeming to prefer being single. Do you know which air sign is like that? Yes, Aquarius! That's why the Black Cat costume fits like a glove for your personality, babe.

To make your Felicia Hardy costume come to life, you'll need Krystal & a black mask or eyeliner like you saw in the tutorial. Now go get your Spider-Man so you can do couples' Halloween costumes!

Elvis Presley



Did you know that Elvis was kind of a loner and felt like he didn't fit in with other children while growing up? I bet you can relate to that, aqua babe! If you came to terms with your free-spirited & eccentric personality, you'd love this idea because let's face it, you can totally pull off this Elvis Presley costume. 

Poppy or Jade are excellent options for the updated androgynous Elvis hairstyle; nothing says Vivan Las Vegas like pitch-black hair! If you already have naturally black hair, you'll need to style it with Insert Sleek Hair Here.





Let's start by saying she's an icon. She feels comfortable in her own skin and has a sassy sense of humor; I mean, it's right there: she's a sea witch as well as you, Pisces babe!

To transform into the powerful Ursula, you'll need the help of Krystal. She's the definition of a cool girl; she'll transform your look and melt hearts. 

Dani Ardor from Midsommar



Dani internalized & repressed her emotions and, at times, seemed detached from reality. Many Pisces tend to do that & only allow themselves to cry in private. Being Dani Ardor will allow your Pisces self to express her artsy side to create the dress and the headpiece. 

We recommend doing two pigtails and adding one Lola extension to each pony for the hair updo. Braid them, cross them to the other side of your head to create a crown braid, and pin them with bobby pins. You can also use our braid band to create that amazing braided look. Follow these instructions to complete your flower crown

None of these Halloween costumes were the right fit for you? No worries, babe! We have more options for you.

Show us your Halloween costumes! Tag us on Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest, Twitter & Facebook, and use the hashtag #INHBabe!

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