Creative Halloween Costume Ideas you Can Actually DIY

Creative Halloween Costume Ideas you Can Actually DIY

Halloween is fast approaching, and for some, it might just be the season of 'fashionably late' costume decisions. The world of last-minute Halloween transformations is a fascinating one, and here's the big secret: you can pull off extraordinary DIY Halloween costumes & be creative about it.

With the right spooky makeup & the right Halloween wig you can be whoever you wanna be this year.

Emily from Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride



INH Babe @serinabinah wearing Skye wig

Her ethereal beauty is iconic & so hauntingly beautiful, nothing says Halloween like a good Corpse Bride costume. 

Princess Bubblegum

INH Babe @beth_mello wearing Penny wig

With her pink hair & great leadership, Princess Bubblegum is another great creative Halloween costume idea. You only need a pink wig & a cute makeup look. 

Billy The Puppet from Saw 

INH Babe  @serinabinah wearing Raven wig

You wanna go all out? Use a long dark wig like  Raven for a scary good time! 

Cute Mime 



INH Babe @dodgygrl wearing Natalia wig

You can’t say it with words? Say it with mime! Clowns & mimes are a great last-minute halloween costume idea: easy to do & the possibilities are endless.


Marge Simpson Costume





INH Babe @halloweenkween wearing Megan


Such a cool costume idea! You can do this alone or invite your whole crew to join you in the Halloween fun.


Wilma Flintstone & Betty Rubble from The Flintstones



INH Babe @dodgygrl wearing Ivy wig styled by @scontey

Want to look fierce this Halloween season? Get into character! Wilma & Betty is the perfect besties costume, they are such an iconic duo & so easy to DIY at the last minute.

Poison Ivy Costume 




INH Babe @dodgygrl wearing Ivy 


Channel mother nature's instinct & go as one of the baddest baddie in the DC universe. She was Batman’s brilliant antagonist for a reason!  

To those who think creating a remarkable Halloween costume in a matter of hours is impossible, we proved it's possible. Whether you're attending a costume party or opting for a cozy night in with your besties, these last-minute looks will have you ready to be spooky.


There's no need to let procrastination spoil your Halloween this year. Happy hunting!


What would your Halloween costume be this year? We want to see your creative Halloween costumes! Tag us on InstagramTiktok, PinterestTwitter & Facebook and use the hashtag #INHBabe!

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