Chloe 101: How-To’s, Tips & Tricks

Chloe 101: How-To’s, Tips & Tricks

Welcome, class! Today we’re learning all about Chloe, our very first half up half down. We’re going to be showing you some easy tips and tricks to wear and maintain Chloe to make your life a little easier. Class is now in session!

What makes Chloe the best?

We use a special vegan fiber from Japan that was created to mimic the look and feel of real hair! Chloe blends in seamlessly with your natural hair and is super quick and easy to apply. Chloe is also pre-styled, which means that once you apply her, she’s ready to go. With the proper maintenance, she will last a really long time!


What's Included:

Every Chloe order comes with two bobby pins and a reusable satin storage pouch.


How to Apply:


We get that hair pieces can be intimidating, but Chloe is super fast and easy to apply. Let’s break it down!

1. Start by putting your hair in a half-up ponytail (keep the tail clipped out of the way until the last step)

   a. Pro tip: Lightly curl your natural hair with a ½” or 1” barrel prior to application for a more seamless blend.

2. With the hair that is still down, section off and apply the shortest weft onto the lower nape area (leaving about 1” of your hair down)

3. Next, move up about 1 inch and section and apply the medium weft

4. Move up another inch, section and apply the longest weft

5. The bottom portion is complete! Feel free to move and adjust slightly as needed to ensure all three wefts are covered. If you want less volume, try only applying two wefts

6. Now time for the ponytail! Apply the ponytail by sticking the combs at the base of the ponytail into your hair tie. Wrap the velcro piece and use the included bobby pins to secure the hair strand.

   a. Pro tip: Make sure you have a strong, secure hair elastic tie to keep your hair in place! You may even want to use 2 hair ties for an even more secure hold for fine, thin hair. Do not use fabric scrunchies. When ponytails aren’t secure, this is the culprit 99% of the time. You can also slick down your baby hair and fly-aways with our Quick Slick for a sleeker look.  


Ways to Style

There are so many ways to rock Chloe. We’ve listed 5 of our favorite ways to wear them, but show us your own personal style by tagging #INHBabe on Instagram!

1. The Classic Half Up Half Down
Our favorite way to rock Chloe!

2. Brushed Out
Brush out Chloe for a softer curl


3. Sleek and Straight
Straighten out Chloe for a sleek look.
Note: Heat styling her will remove her original texture

4. Bling It Out
Add accessories to spice things up!
Add accessories to spice things up!

5. Just the Ponytail
Wear just the mini ponytail when you've got places to go and people to see.

6. Mega Length and Volume
Skip the ponytail and wear just the 3 clip-in wefts for long, voluminous locks.  



Heat Styling

Chloe is heat resistant up to 320 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep in mind that she is pre-styled, and heat styling her would remove her original texture. 


Chloe Aftercare

We all want to keep our inches looking perfect for as long as possible. Here are some tips and tricks on how to care for Chloe:


    • Brush before and after each wear with the INH Brush and Emergency Revival Spray (save 10% with the Sidekicks bundle!) 
    • Wash occasionally or if she’s dirty.
      • We don’t recommend frequently washing your hair pieces. Just wash them when you absolutely need to!
    • Store using the super cute reusable satin pouch that comes with every Chloe order! It helps prevent tangles and extends the life of your hair. An alternative way to store would be to hang her on our INH Hanger



    Spray Emergency Revival Spray throughout the fibers. Lay your hair flat on a table, and hold the hair in sections to brush out any tangles. Starting at the ends, then mid section, and finally, up to the base. If you brush from top to bottom, the fibers can "stretch”, causing tangles and breakage, just like split ends on your real hair. Brush with the INH Brush before and after each wear. Store neatly in the provided storage bag to prevent tangles when not in use.


    Yes, you can wash Chloe! Here’s how:

    1. To start, brush and detangle your ponytail with the INH Brush and Emergency Revival Spray (save 10% with the Sidekicks bundle!)
    2. Hold the base area with one hand and soak her under cool running water.
    3. Use a mild or synthetic wig shampoo and lather her with your other hand using circular motions with your fingers throughout the hair until clean. DO NOT RUB or lather into a ball!
    4. Rinse the shampoo and apply a good amount of some moisturizing conditioner or hair mask. For best results, leave the conditioner or hair mask on for about 5 to 10 minutes. (You can also leave it on overnight!)
    5. Rinse the hair under cool running water until silky smooth. Lightly detangle any knots with fingers.
    6. Squeeze excess water, then lay on a dry towel and let it air dry. 
    7. After she has fully dried, apply Super Shine Serum for a fresh, revived and soft finish.


    WARNING: Do NOT blow dry Chloe! Doing so may result in damage to your locks (and we hate damaged hair). Air dry your hair for best results.

    Note: Can you dye Chloe? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Since she is made of pre-colored vegan fibers, you cannot dye the fibers with hair color. We offer a variety of colors for you to choose from. But if you don't see your color, feel free to reach out to our development team! We love hearing from our INH Babes! 


    And that concludes Chloe 101! You’re now on your way to becoming an expert. We want to see your style! Be sure to tag us on Instagram @insertnamehere and use the hashtag #INHBabe to show us your creative looks.

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