ARTIST FEATURE: @simplesyann

ARTIST FEATURE: @simplesyann

It’s time again for another Artist Feature! This week, we had the pleasure of featuring @simplesyann, a talented and inspiring artist who describes her art style as “bubbly. Not too dark but always excited to try something new.” While growing up, Syann was always incredibly interested in art. She says that as a child, she would draw on walls in her family home, and that she “couldn’t recall a time when [she] wasn’t drawing or doodling on worksheets.” 

As she developed her style and honed her craft, Syann realized that digital art was the best medium for her to express her visionary pieces. As she built a community of followers around her amazing artwork, Syann’s “followers and Instagram community really helped [her] keep going when [she] thought [she] couldn’t get any better.” 

We at INH Hair are huge fans of Syann’s work and were awestruck at her wonderful creations featuring our products: Natalia and Brit!

Syann’s success did not come without its fair share of challenges. One of the biggest challenges she faces is artist’s block, which is why her best remedy is to take a short break to clear her mind before jumping back into her craft. In more extreme instances, sometimes Syann “forget[s] how to draw to the point where [she has] to watch [her] past art videos to get back into the groove.” 

Though Syann has achieved so many of her artist goals during her career, the proudest moment she’s experienced that relates to her art was when “Laia Lopez (@itslopez) and her best friend Judit Mallol (@juditmallolart), featured [her] on their stories, expressing how much they enjoyed [her] art.” Lopez and Mallol are some of Syann’s greatest inspirations, which made this recognition a moment she would never forget.

We are so grateful for this opportunity to interview Syann and look forward to seeing more of her amazing work on social media! You can find more of her artwork on Instagram.

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