7 Expert-Approved Hair Tips

7 Expert-Approved Hair Tips

It’s about time the pros stop gatekeeping the hottest hair care tips & tricks. That’s why we’re breaking down the walls, erasing the marked lines, unlocking the hottest finds.

We pulled out our detective skills & got to digging. Want to know what we found out? 


Kim Kardashian Uses This Trick to Healthy Hair 

Who wouldn’t want to know how to get Kim K hair? Kim Kardashian swears on using rice water to promote hair growth & to keep her hair looking healthy. Her sister Kourtney revealed on her website Poosh that Kim has, “been doing this treatment on her hair and has seen a noticeable difference in growth and thickness.” 

On her website, the vegan queen insists on using organic rice to create the rice water. Simply massage the rice water onto your scalp post-shampoo, leave it on for 20+ minutes and rinse. 



Brad Mondo: Shampoo your scalp ONLY

Yeah, that’s right. Don’t lather your entire hair with shampoo: shampoo your scalp only & not your ends. While your ends do accumulate a bit of oil, oil mostly comes from your scalp. Just gently rub the shampoo back and forth onto your scalp, and rinse with lukewarm water! No need to work your shampoo down into your tips. 

It’s OK to wash it your hair everyday (if you need to) 

One of the most popular hair myths is that if you stop washing your hair as often, you can reduce the amount of oil it produces. Well, according to dermatologist Dr. Sam Ellis, that’s wrong! You can’t train your hair to produce less oils. 

So, if your hair’s on the oilier side, it’s completely valid to wash it everyday. Just make sure you listen to your hair. How often should you wash your hair is up to you. 

Take it from Queen JVN : Take out your hair extensions!!  

Of course, JVN is one of the fabulous hosts of Queer Eye, but they’re also a hairstylist of 12+ years. So, they’re basically a certified hair queen. 

The hairstylist revealed one of their main healthy hair tips: don’t keep your clip-in hair extensions in for too long!! Obviously, we’re as obsessed with hair extensions as much as the next babe, but it’s important to unclip your hair extensions before you go to bed. Doing so can cause you extensions to pull & damage your natural hair. 






Refresh your curls with a hairdryer on cold

Dial down the heat & put your hairdryer on the cold setting to get your curls looking defined again. This expert-approved hack is a great way on how to take care of curly hair, without risking damage. 

Celebrity hairstylist Vernon François told Allure that he advises to “Blast dry hair from side to side, swinging it with your fingers to bring curls back to life.” We’re taking notes for this one. 

Use a diffuser to help prevent heat damage

You’ve heard it time & time again: avoid using too much heat on your hair. But sometimes, those hot tools are just too tempting. To help prevent exposing your hair to too much heat, Dr. Muneeb Shah & Dr. Luke Maxfield (aka @Doctorly) recommend using a diffuser to make sure heat is evenly distributed on your strands. 

Also, just generally keeping temps down helps too. It might take a little more time to style your hair, but the protection is worth it. 


Lather your shampoo BEFORE application 

Before you slather shampoo onto your strands, try emulsifying your shampoo in your hands. Once the shampoo is nice and lathered, then apply the shampoo to your scalp and get to massaging. Beauty influencer Mary Skinner swears by this technique & claims that it really helps her keep her hair healthy, regardless of which product she uses. 




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