5 Tips For DIY Color Matching

5 Tips For DIY Color Matching
Hey INH Babes! 💖Today we are going to talk about the one question we get in our Instagram DM’s every day: How do I know which is my perfect shade? Luckily, our color matching experts here at INH Hair have this process down to a science. Here are some tips and tricks on how to figure out which shade blends best with your hair! 

💡Tip 1: Make sure your brightness is all the way up

We do our best to accurately display our colors across a wide array of screens and monitors. Make sure to have the brightness on your screen on the highest setting so you can see the exact shade.

💡Tip 2: Check out the UGC reel on our website

When you visit a product page on our website, once you select a shade, there is a carousel of user-generated content that shows up to provide you with more shade reference. This helps a lot when you want to see what the shade looks like in different lighting.

💡Tip 3: Think of a perfect blend, not a perfect match

When buying your hair, remember that no shade is generally a perfect match, but more of a blend. Many people can blend their hair with a couple different shades. For example, Jordynn can wear Honey, Mocha Melt, etc. and Sharon can blend with mixed or dark brown in hair extensions and ponies.

💡Tip 4: Match to your roots or ends

If you have highlights or ombre in your hair, you can choose to match to either your roots or ends as a guide when choosing a pony or bun. Match to your roots if you want a perfect blend. If you want more of an ombre look, match to your ends. It's all up to you! 

💡Tip 5: Check out @insertnameherediary

If you are still having trouble deciding on your shade, make sure to check out our user-generated content page @insertnameherediary. Here you can see all of our products, such as our ponytail extension, in various shades with different lighting and filters. We recommend finding photos of the shade you’re looking at so you can see how it looks in different settings. These are some examples using our Miya pony:

We hope you found this guide helpful and you can start doing your own color matching! Feel free to message us in our live chat or DM us for a color match if you still can’t decide! 

We want to see pics of you in your hair! Share your photos by tagging us on IG @insertnamehere and use the hashtag #INHBabe 💕

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