5 Bullet Proof Hair Care Products for Long, Voluminous Hair

5 Bullet Proof Hair Care Products for Long, Voluminous Hair

We're NGL; when it comes to hair volume, finding the right hair volume products can make all the difference!

Whether you are looking for long, voluminous hair or want to maintain the health of your tresses, you'll need the right products to help you achieve your hair goals, babe!

Here are five bulletproof hair care products that actually work to achieve long, voluminous hair:

Shampoo & Conditioner For Hair Volume



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Are you wondering how to add hair volume? Just provide the foundation for healthy hair! The right formula can help you in the quest of getting voluminous hair. Look for a lightweight formula, like the one from Bumble & Bumble Thickening Volume Shampoo & Conditioner, that gently cleanses your scalp and locks in moisture.


Scalp Serum




INH Babe  @cakedbybabyk using G2G Complete Scalp System


A good scalp serum can be a lifesaver for those with dry or damaged hair. Apply a small amount to your scalp & do a gentle massage with a gua sha to stimulate blood flow & hair growth. INH G2G Serum works wonders for thin-haired babes. 


Volumizing Hair Mask

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Provide an extra boost of hydration and nourishment to your hair with a thickening mask for all thin or thinning hair types. Kerastace's formula blends hyaluronic acid to smooth, quickly detangles & adds volume with enhanced shine.


Heat Protectant



Flame Fighter

Some heat styling tools can damage your hair if not used properly, and that can lead to hair loss & hair thinning. Protect your hair from heat damage; use a heat-protectant spray before styling. INH Here, Flame Fighter will keep your hair looking its best, and most of our hair styling tools have Tourmaline Ceramic Glaze to protect your strands. 


Instantly Add Length & Volume



INH Babe @pretty.crazy.beautiful wearing Blowout XTRA INCHES

If you're looking for an easy fix while you get thicker hair, you can always wear protective hairstyles that can help with hair loss, thin hair, or damage. 



Remember to always focus on nourishing your hair from the inside out with a healthy diet that is rich in vitamins & minerals.


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