12 Trendy Hairstyles You Need to Try in 2022

12 Trendy Hairstyles You Need to Try in 2022

Be it a post-breakup haircut, graduation haircut, or just a hairstyle to match your vibe, 2022 is the year to get out of your comfort zone!

Below we have compiled a collection of 12 trending hairstyles that will give you the inspo for your next look. 

Let's go! 



1. Layers

Whether you go for short or mid-length haircuts, soft layering gives a whole new look to your hair. According to London-based hairstylist Michael Van Clarke, "This style hangs beautifully wavy or straight, forward or back, edgy or polished, half-up or down." 

Quick tip: Best for summer, cropped layers are your new best friend if you have shorter hair.








2. Bob


From classic bobs to jaw-length bobs or chin-length bobs with a middle part or a thick side part, bobs have become the go-to hairstyle this year. 

In an interview with Allure magazine, Frédéric Fekkai says - “I predict that short bobs with or without bangs for straight hair will be big for 2022".

If you're looking to add some dimension and volume to your hair, go for layered bobs. For a sleek, cleaner look, a sliced bob can do the trick. 

And for summers, the shorter the bob, the better!

You can also give the bixie cut a try - it's a cute combination of pixie and bob.  

Or even a heartthrob bob - cropped layered bob at the nape of the neck with longer cheekbone-sweeping pieces in the front. 







3. Ultra short


Badass undercuts have been a Gen-Z favorite this year! Tbh, undercuts can never go wrong whether you shave the sides or the backs.

And who can say no to a punk rock pixie? You can never go wrong with it. Though we always recommend trying out a wig first to know what kind of pixie cut will suit your face shape. 

If you want to avoid too much styling and summer heat waves, try experimenting with the bowl cut with some broken layers. 








4. Bangs


Bangs became trendy during the pandemic when DIY haircuts were a thing. And the good news is - they are still in fashion.

Curtain bangs were the most popular ones. You can also go for wispy bangs to add some movement and textures, as explained by Chicago-based hairstylist Alex Brown.

Feeling retro? Go for Audrey Hepburn-style retro fringes. 

And if you're not afraid to take a risk, go bold with some heavier blunt bangs!

And if you get summer bangs, the good thing is they can grow perfectly into bottleneck bangs by the time it's autumn! Bottleneck bangs are a hybrid between full and grown-out fringe with longer strands at the sides.




INH Babe @stephcardenas wearing Zoey clip-in bangs

INH Babe @stephcardenas wearing Zoey clip-on bangs in shade black brown.





5. Mullets


If you've got a fuller, rounder face, mullets can be the hairstyle you rock this year. 

But if you are thinking about the extreme 80's style mullets, let me assure you, modern mullets are less extreme and are the longer versions of the 80s mullets.

If you are still unsure, you can get a soft-serve mullet that will give you a delicate touch with good textures and volume to your hair. Plus, they easily grow into a long-layered shag over time!

Also, if you want to try something new and experimental (coz why not), mix a shag and soft mullet. Also known as shullets aka wolf cut. This hairstyle is all over Tiktok and we love how badass it looks!






 6. Shags


Who didn’t want to have Taylor Swift’s shags back in 2021?

Once loved in the 70s, Shag cuts are back in style. They are all set to become another hair trend in 2022. 

Shags help you embrace your natural hair texture. They're also a great way to introduce layers to your look (modern shags).

Good news for curly-haired babes who are scared to get bangs: modern shags work wonderfully with curls!

For summers, try out light layers, like Squid Game actress Hoyeon Jung. Or go for an airy shag cut that gives off a natural wavy look. 

Don't want to chop off your long hair? Don't worry! You can go for a full-fringe shag which will add a nice frame to your face.






7. Curls 

Curls are making a comeback in 2022. Curls are finally getting the respect it deserves. All you curly-haired queens, it's time to embrace your natural curls and flaunt them with some stunning hairstyles! 

Try the rounded afro cut or a lion cut! You can also go for shoulder-length curls. 

Mix it up with some highlights or soft bangs to add some extra dimension and texture to your curls.

This year can be the year for the new triangle cut for your curls (pyramid cut)!



INH Babe @stephcardenas wearing Pamela in platinum blonde

INH Babe @stephcardenas wearing Pamela wig




8. Natural long hair

Some hairstyles are evergreen. Like long, straight natural hair. Long hair will always be in style. 

It softens out sharp features, balances your proportions, and makes you look youthful. Plus, there are a bajillion ways to style long hair! 

From braids to bangs, curls to mermaid waves, the possibilities are endless. 

Few long hair styles that are trending in 2022 are long hair with bangs , long shags, long braids… and of course, long ponytails

If you're feeling bold and daring, style your long hair with gels to get a slicked-back wet-look hairstyle. Have fun! 



INH Babe @thesupermuse wearing Ivy

INH Babe @thesupermuse wearing Ivy



9. Mid-length cuts

Can’t decide between short hair and long hair? The answer is none: go for mid-length cuts instead!

The best thing about a medium cut is that it feels like a whole  new hairstyle without chopping off too much length from your hair. 

Mid-length cuts also make your hair appear fuller and thicker. Quick tip: for a more voluminous look, ask your hairstylist to leave some longer face-framing strands and a hint of layers. 

Mid-length cuts are best styled with some casual layers, fun highlights, and good-old center parting.







10. E-girl look 


This hairstyle trend started from the online girls gaming community. If you're new to it, think of the E-girl look as similar to the 2000's - soft, pastel shades, signature streaks, winged eyeliner and striped tops. This look has been further made popular through Tiktok and famous fans like style icons Dua Lipa and Britney Xavier sporting E-girl hairstyles recently. 

Plus, there are tons of variations you can experiment with - from chunky highlights to Barbie pink streaks to colored bangs and double toned hair. 

So whether you want to resemble your fave anime character or just feel nostalgic about the '90s, pick out an E-girl hairstyle of your choice before your next salon visit. 




INH Babe looking stunning in Natalia wig
       INH Babe looking stunning in Natalia wig




11. Colored hair


 Throughout 2020 and 2021, babes have been busy experimenting with hair colors and temporary hair dyes. 2022 marks the year for some more experimentation. And we're here for it! Whether you want to change your personality or simply spruce up your hair shade with some highlights, coloring your hair using a semi-permanent dye is the best option to go for. 

Vibrant colors like copper, deep auburn, strawberry red, green, unicorn blue, lavender and orange, to platinum blondes are trending. 



INH Babe @elishizzle wearing Jenny wig

INH Babe @elishizzle wearing Jenny wig 




12. Ponytails


Thanks to the hit HBO show Euphoria, we are once again seeing a rise in demand for ponytails. And why not? There are countless ways you can style your ponytail. The most popular ponytail hairstyles this year are the high wavy ponytail, half-up half-down, flipped up ponytail, long braided ponytail, curly ponytails, messy ponytail… the list goes on. 

Don't want to put in all that time and effort to style your ponytail? 

We hear you, babe! Ponytail extensions are the answer to your prayers.  

Whatever the style or shade of ponytail you have in mind, Insert Name Here has got you covered. Switch up your style in seconds with the ponytail extension of your choice. 


INH Babe @awkwardrosie wearing Maddy ponytail in ash blonde

INH Babe @awkwardrosie wearing Maddy ponytail



 Rounding Up 


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