10 Easy Wedding Hairstyles for Guests

10 Easy Wedding Hairstyles for Guests

ICYMI: It’s wedding season. Between picking your outfit, makeup and wedding gifts, you’ve probably already got a lot on your mind. That’s why we’re here to help with these easy wedding guest hairstyles to do yourself. 

From classic updos, to luscious curls, read below for all you need (salon-worthy hacks, accessories, hot tools info & more). Regardless of which wedding hairstyle you choose, you’re sure to turn heads. Let’s dive into it… 





1. Heavenly Half Up Half Down

Talk about volume - Half Up Half Downs are a classic, celeb-adored look that’s perfect to wear at any wedding, any time of the year. Simply tie up half your hair et voila! You’ve got an elegant wedding hairstyle. 


Hair too thin or short? Don’t worry, this can still be a wedding guest hairstyles for thin hair. Try one of Insert Name Here’s best selling half up half down hair extensions for instant volume & length. 


INH Babe @awkwardtortoisee wearing Courtney in shade ash blonde. 


2. Super Chic Curly Bun

A romantic look that’ll have others saying Ooolala. Swoop your hair up into a bun and let your curls do the talking. This hairdo’s both elegant & efficient for warmer weather. 

Looking to give your bun that extra oomph? Try INSERT NAME HERE’s curly clip-in hair bun extension Cami. She’s cute, lightweight & so natural-looking that other guests will be wondering how you got your curls so perfect. 


INH Babe @oliviacalabio wearing Cami in shade dark brown


3. Cool & Sleek Long Braid

Twist up your look with a long braided ponytail. This look is for the babes who want to bring something a little different to the wedding. While it's super sleek & clean, it can also bring a lil' edge to your look. Bonus: it’s an easy way to keep your wedding hair frizz free. 

Elongate your braid with our made-to-braid ponytail extension Lara. At a magnificent 29 inches, she’ll have you feeling like Repunzel.

INH Babe @rorybell wearing Lara in shade jet black. 


4. Glamourous Blowout 

What better way to make a wedding statement than without a banging blowout? This chich '90s look is an iconic way to watch your loved one tie the knot. 

To help give your hair that bouncy, voluminous look, try using hair dryer brush Insert Blowout Here on your own hair, or with any of INSERT NAME HERE's high quality hair extensions. Wanna stay away from heat? No prob, babe! Clip on Courtney hair extensions for the big swooped look you're craving. 


INH Babe @lovekatiecole wearing Courtney in shade champagne blonde.


5. Long Low Ponytail

Let your hair drop low low low on the dance floor. A long low ponytail is a great way to slick your hair back & look effortless while you’re at it. 

To get that extra luscious length, clip on one of INSERT NAME HERE’s high-quality vegan ponytail extensions

INH Babe @_meagangreen wearing Shayla in shade black brown.


6. Braided Headband

Angel, you dropped your halo. Add a braided headband to your wedding guest hairdo to look like a goddess in any ceremony. 


Use INSERT NAME HERE’s braid band to seamlessly blend your braid into your hair. 


INH Babe @nikilllah wearing Braid Band in shade dark brown.


7. Effortless lovely low bun 

The classic choice for the clean girl look. This slicked back bun is an easy to do wedding guest hairstyle that’ll match just about any outfit you choose. 

Pro Tip: Use INSERT NAME HERE’s No Fly Zone Pomade to fight frizz & flyaways. If you want to be even more prepared, slide a tube of Quick Slick flyaway hair essence for those post-dance floor touch ups


INH co-founder @jordynn.wynn wearing Cami in shade honey. 


8. Sassy & Swooped Ponytail 

A lil’ ponytail swoop is always a crowd favorite. It’s a step up from your classic ponytail, and gives a touch of ‘60s romance to your wedding look. 


To get that extra volume & perfect swoops, try INSERT NAME HERE’s ponytail extension Lola or Courtney. (Save money and get the both with the Courtney + Lola bundle.) Super comfortable, natural looking & easy to apply, you’d be sure to get compliments. 

Want to DIY? Create that swooped look with hair dryer brush Insert Blowout Here.


INH Babe @sarita.cu wearing Lola in shade black brown.


9. Voluminous Curly Ponytail 

So much romantic volume without the worry of getting hair stuck in your face. Wear your hair in a curly, voluminous ponytail for a dreamy yet subdued look. The best part? There’s so many ways to get this look yourself. 


You can curl your hair just the way you like it with Insert Waves Here. Or, skip the heat and throw on one of Insert Name Here’s curly ponytail extensions like Raye, Zoe or Shayla.


INH Babe @_daniielle.b wearing Zoe in shade black brown. 


10. Long Soft Waves

Bring glamor to the altar with this hairstyle. Long soft waves curls are a gorgeous statement to make at any wedding. 

 DIY wedding waves yourself with best selling deep wave iron Insert Waves Here. Craving a few extra inches? Easily put on any of Insert Name Here’s hair extensions





Wait! Don’t Forget to Accessorize! 


A little touch of glam can go a long way — which is why it’s super important to accessorize from head to toe! Here are some of our favorite hair accessories for wedding guest: 





Final Quick Wedding Hair Tips & Tricks:


  1. Use protection: Many of you babes may be using hot tools. Be sure to put safety first with our Safety Kit — complete with heat protectant spray Flame Fighter & finishing hair serum Super Shine Serum. 
  2. Be prepared: long days & long nights on the dance floor might bring about some flyaways. Slide in extra ponyties, BB pins, & a tube of Quick Slick in your purse to combat any unexpected frizz & flyaways.  
  3. Your comfort comes first: You should be comfortable & confident in any look you choose. Don’t choose a hairstyle you’ll be worried about fussing with all night. No room for insecurities here! 



We can’t wait to see how your wedding hairstyles came out! Tag us on Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest, Twitter & Facebook and use the hashtag #INHBabe!

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