Braid Band

braided headband

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Your halo is showing. Or maybe it's just our hair braid band. We can't think of a quicker or easier way to look even more like a goddess. Just slip it on this twist knot headband for instant braids and divine confidence. Angelic attitude guaranteed (even if you're a real baddie).


  • 3 Vegan synthetic fiber from Japan.


  • 18.5 inches
  • 41 grams
  • Braided headband

Essential Hair


Frequently Asked Questions

If it's vegan, what's your hair made of?

INFINI-FLEX™ is the closest person-made alternative to human hair.


Created with human hair features, we use our proprietary INFINI-FLEX™ technology for the most realistic vegan hair extensions. Almost impossible to differentiate, it feels super soft, blends easily, & has natural shine like that of healthy human hair.


Perfectly Reflected Light: Like human hair , light reflects on an even & thus "healthy" surface where the cuticle is smooth. The light reflected from our INFINI-FLEX™ strands creates color depth & dimensional shine.


This ready to wear, weatherproof, low maintenance fiber never loses its style or vibrancy. With proper care, the style "flexes" back to its original form (as if brand new out of the bag!) even after years of wearing, washing, or brushing. If you straighten or curl up to 160°C / 320°F, our INFINI-FLEX™ technology will remember that new style.

How do I get color matched?

Not sure which shade is perfect for you? We’re here to help!
You can choose from 3 ways to be expertly color matched. Click here for more info.

Will this feel tight on my head?

Nope! Braid Band has an adjustable strap to make sure your braid feels secure, yet comfortable.