Raye Raye x INH Hair Scarf

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100% satin scarf with palm print

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Like a retreat for your hair– revive your strands & preserve your style when you treat yourself to the benefits of our premium fabric in our exclusive Raye print. Endlessly versatile, you can wear her at night, as a hair accessory, or a fashion statement— this scarf is the perfect companion for bringing your dreams into existence.


Limited Edition: once she’s gone, she’s gone.


Commit to a long-term relationship with your hair: Preserve & protect your hair, and help your favorite styles last longer.

Prevent tangling, frizz & damage: The softness of satin eliminates the friction you get when your hair rubs against a harsher fabric & doesn't rough up the hair cuticle. Satin helps smooth frizz, prevent tangles & minimize static for less chance of hair breakage & damage.

About that drip: Helping your hair stay more hydrated– Satin is less drying than cotton, making it easier to maintain your hair’s moisture for hair that’s silky smooth.


Very versatile: Wear at night to safe-guard your strands, use as a hair accessory, or you can even tie her as a fashion accessory! 1 scarf = a world of possibilities.


All for one, one for all: Our hair scarf was made for all types & textures