Limited Edition Birthday Collection

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It’s a birthday wish come true!
Feel like it’s your birthday 4-ever with the complete 444 Birthday Collection.

We put our heart into this ultra elevated assortment of branded goodies, including an INH Tote Bag and our new long & curled drawstring ponytail Maddy—  all that’s left to say is hip hip hair-yay.

Insert Claw Clip Here Birthday Edition  
444 Hair Pin Pack
Insert Super Scrunchie Here
Dream Detangler Wide Tooth Comb
Carry On INH Tote Bag

    Insert Claw Clip Here & 444 Hair Pin Pack: Non-slip & easy to use hair accessories that clip your hair back & look good while doing it. Made with high quality, eco-friendly acetate. 

    Insert Super Scrunchie Here: Our pretty in pink, super-sized scrunchie gives style & support to any hair type. Made of 100% satin for a zero-damage & frizz-free hold. 

    Dream Detangler Wide Tooth Comb: No knotty nightmares; tangle-free dreams only. Your new go-to comb for gentle frizz & static free styling. Hypoallergenic, she works for every hair type. Use on wet or dry hair. 

    Carry On INH Tote Bag: Your new favorite bag for everyday travel. This 100% woven cotton tote is the perfect size for all the essentials (& more!) – in fact, it holds 14lbs of goodies.

    Maddy: A party-worthy updo in seconds. Get instant glam volume from this  24” long drawstring ponytail extension with large barrel curls.


    Essential Hair



    hydrating hair pomade


    hair detangling spray

    Real INH Babes


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will this work for my hair type?

    Yes! Our ponytail extension Maddy and all of our hair accessories are perfect for every hair type — thick or thin. 

    Will these items damage my hair?

    Never! Our clips, pins & hair scrunchie are non-slip, securing your hair with zero damage, pulling or crimping. Our Dream Detangler Wide Tooth Comb gently detangles hair, reducing static & frizz. Drawstring ponytail Maddy protects your hair, and gives you instant volume & curls without any heat damage.

    How durable are the accessories?

    We get it. (*sigh*) We’re clumsy too! Our clips, pins & scrunchies are extra pretty & extra durable. They’re made to withstand whatever life throws at you.

    What's the difference between INH accessories & other brands?

    It’s all in the details! We spent months extensively testing our accessories to ensure that what we produced was top tier. Some key differences include:

    - Our signature claw clips feature branded INH debossing (so you know it’s the real deal)
    - Ours are made with the top raw materials & not thin, cheap plastics
    - Our designs feature extra reinforcement to prevent breakage– they even passed our step test! (because we’ve all broken more than a few claw clips from being clumsy!)

    What's the difference between Maddy's drawstring ponytail and a wrap-around ponytail?

    Drawstring ponytails have soft breathable netting, 2 inner combs & a drawstring making them lightweight & secure, with a comfy, customizable fit. Drawstring ponytails are especially great for high ponytail looks, babes with longer or thicker hair who may have a harder time blending their natural hair with our wrap ponytails, and for babes with curly hair. Thanks to the way the drawstring ponytail is designed, you don’t have to worry about curly flyaways peeking out of the ponytail extension— the drawstring ponytail wraps securely around your existing bun and covers it. It also can be used as a protective style while you deep condition your curls. 


    How do I apply Maddy?

    Step One: Tie your hair into a top knot & secure it with included INH hair elastic.

    Step Two: Loosen Maddy’s drawstring & place her net over your bun, sliding the combs underneath your hair elastic. 

    Step Three: Tighten Maddy’s adjustable drawstring buckle & tuck in the excess drawstring ends. 

    Pro Tip: Use with Quick Slick or No Fly Zone hair pomade for a sleek look free of unwanted stray hairs or flyaways.