Hi, I'm Chloe!

Meet Chloe, the half up half down look of your dreams! Chloe is a 4 piece clip-in set that includes 1 mini ponytail and 3 wefts with loose spiral waves. Whether you want to use all 4 pieces for a voluminous half up half down look or just a few to spice things up, the possibilities are endless with Chloe.

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Application: 4 piece set

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Length: 18 in | 45 cm

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Weight: 344 grams

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Material: vegan fiber from japan

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Heat Resistance: up to 320F

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Style: loose spiral waves



Long: 9 in | 22 cm 
Mid: 7.5 in | 19 cm
Nape: 6 in | 15 cm


Step 1:

Start by putting your hair in a half-up ponytail (keep the tail clipped out of the way until the last step)

Step 2:

With the hair that is still down, section off and apply the shortest weft onto the lower nape area (leaving about 1” of your hair down)

Step 3:

Next, move up about 1 inch and section and apply the medium weft

Step 4:

Move up another inch, section and apply the longest weft

Step 5:

The bottom portion is complete! Feel free to move and adjust slightly as needed to ensure all three wefts are covered. If you want less volume, try only applying two wefts

Step 6:

Now time for the ponytail! Apply the ponytail by sticking the combs at the base of the ponytail into your hair tie. Wrap the velcro piece and use the included bobby pins to secure the hair strand

Step 7:

Pro tip: Lightly curl your natural hair with a ½” or 1” barrel prior to application for a more seamless blend

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How To Apply

Create 2 sections and apply wefts from nape up

Tie your hair into a ponytail

Insert comb into base of ponytail. Wrap tail around base

Secure ponytail with bobby pin and fluff