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Our Raye clip-in curly hair extensions are a 4 piece clip-in set that includes 1 mini ponytail & 3 wefts with deep waves. She’ll blend with your hair & help you achieve your hair goals in a healthy, damage-free way– If you’re struggling with thinning hair or hair that just won’t grow, these versatile extensions are perfect for filling in gaps, adding inches & making your curls look fuller without additional stress to your strands.

- Length: 22" | 55 cm

- Weight: 395 grams

- Style: Deep waves


- 2 INH bobby pins

- 1 tester piece to make sure you have the shade that blends best with your hair

Hair that looks & feels like its really yours
Our team is dedicated to making soft & high quality hair that looks and feels like your own.

Ready to wear
Our pre-styled, weatherproof ponytails are the easiest way to switch up your hair color, style, length or texture without the commitment or harmful chemical & heat damage.

Instant Length & Volume
Our ponytails are super versatile for endless days of hair bliss. Express yourself by effortlessly styling them in a variety of ways for any occasion!

Time-Saver & Beginner friendly
No time or experience? This is a life changing hair hack for beginners & experts alike! It’s super fast & easy to apply by yourself in less than 60 seconds from anywhere!

Confidence Booster
We call it pony power– in a poll of 112 diverse babes from around the world, 98% said their hair is a big part of their self-expression & reflection of their personality, 100% said their INSERT NAME HERE hair boosts their confidence.

If properly cared for your INH hair will last for years of styling (in fact, our founders still wear the very first styles we launched!).

Here’s how to keep them looking perfect for as long as possible:

Brush before & after wear: after you take your hair piece out of its protective bag, we suggest softening this half up half down style by combing her with your fingers or a widetooth comb

Store: in the included reusable satin storage bag or on your Hang Hair Here

Check out our How-To Guide for tips & tricks on how to care for your new hair extensions.


As Seen In

Quick, Versatile &
Super Freaking Gorgeous

Making salon-quality hair extensions more accessible, our beginner-friendly application is as simple as a few easy steps:

Step 1

Tie your hair into a half up half down style

Step 2

On the down section, apply wefts from nape up

Step 3

On the ponytail section, insert comb into base, wrap tail around base & bobby pin

Meet Infinilex™

Our proprietary INFINI-FLEX™ technology is created with human hair features for the most realistic vegan hair extensions.

Almost impossible to differentiate from human hair, it feels super soft, blends easily & helps the appearance of “healthy” looking hair.

Easy 30 Second

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Real People, Real Reviews

  • Ileana C.

    It’s Raye in jet black for me! <3

  • Elizabeth S.

    Raye in red wine is the hair of my dreams!

  • Jo P.

    Tried Raye yesterday and oh my gosh, I'm in LOVE!!! SO easy, just like Chloe. And I got so many compliments yesterday!

  • Rebekah A.

    Im sooo loving Raye! I’m a new mama & rarely find the time to deal with my natural curls but INH came through like always!


Highest quality vegan fibers for years of wear

Easy, fast & beginner friendly

Comfortable & secure application for all day wear

Looks & feels real

24/7 free expert color matching & happiness guarantee

Pre-styled & weatherproof

Zero damage or commitment


Low quality synthetic fibers that tangle & stretch

Complicated & needs multiple steps, tools or products

Uncomfortable or does not hold

Shiny, plasticky look & feel

No personalized support & guesswork

Requires extra styling time & touch-ups with wear

Causes damage & long term commitment

Message from the Founders

“Whether you have hair concerns or you want to express yourself & boost your confidence with a fun and quick transformation that saves you time & money– Our hair can do it all in seconds while seamlessly blending in, so you can stand out.”

Zero Damage & commitment

Premium vegan & cruelty free products

Loved by over 400,000 happy babes



Our half up half down extension hairstyles are made for all hair types and experience levels (beginner-expert). Many of our INH babes experience various hair concerns and use INH products to regain confidence and control.

Our high-quality products can help with:
- short hair
- thin hair
- hair loss (including postpartum & alopecia)
- damaged hair

If you're stuck in the phase of growing your hair, these damage-free, protective styles are here to help you achieve longer, fuller hair instantly!

With Raye you're all set for 4+ cute & easy hairstyles:

- Just the ponytail extension for a chic everyday look (this is perfect or thin hair)
- Just the hair extensions for instant length & density (this option works for most hair lengths and densities)
- Full glam half up half down (using the ponytail extension as a pony or bun - this option is on the heavier side for thin hair, we suggest using fewer wefts depending on your hair and comfort level)
- Half up half down lite (using fewer wefts)


Raye arrives ready to wear for your convenience.
While she is heat resistand up to 320°, her style is what makes her special. The salon-quality vegan hair is permanently pre-styled with technology that will preserve their look & feel. Simply pritz with water and shake to snap her back to her original style.

Our ready to wear, weatherproof, low maintenance fiber never loses its style or vibrancy. With proper care, the style "flexes" back to its original form (as if brand new out of the bag!) even after years of wearing, washing, or brushing. If you straighten or curl up to 160°C / 320°F, our INFINI-FLEX™ technology will remember that new style.


We do not recommend dying our synthetic fiber although some INH Babes have been successful in doing so (please join our INH Babes community group to learn more).

Luckily, she comes in several shades to match your preferred color.


Not sure which shade is perfect for you? We're here to help!

You can choose from 3 ways to be expertly color matched for DIY to quizzes, to chatting instantly 24/7 with our top-rated color matching experts.


Unsure of how to do half up half down hair or hide your natural hair with hair extensions? Check out our half up half down hair extensions 101 blog for tips & tricks and ways to wealr half up half down hairstyles.

Pro tip: For the most seamless blend, use INSERT BLOWOUT HERE to create volume & swoop your natural ends prior to applying Raye.