Before and after

  • “My hair genuinely looks longer and thicker.”

    “It is still growing out my baby hairs which I am thrilled about. It is easy to incorporate in a daily routine and still dries down with no uncomfortable feeling on the scalp. I can visually see my baby hairs growing in thicker in my hair continues to grow longer/faster than usual."

  • "My hair definitely looks fuller at the application site.”

    “When I put my hair up in looks less sparse than before application. I feel like it’s working because the application area looks fuller and I have a lot more baby hairs than before."

  • "My hair definitely looks fuller at the application site.”

    I got compliments from family and friends about how it looked. It was easier to cover thinning spots and it looked like the thin spots weren’t even there. My hair was stringy and patchy and now looks and feels fuller."


Shown in third-party clinical studies to soothe the scalp & increase the appearance of hair density while reducing signs of shedding to bring you thicker, fuller, more voluminous looking hair.*

  • 58%

    noticed thicker,

    denser hair

  • 72%

    noticed thicker,

    denser hair

  • 58%

    noticed thicker,

    denser hair


Be a grow getter: natural ingredients for hair that feels thicker, quicker.

Lightweight, fast-absorbing, and effective— Our non-greasy serum has the most concentrated, maximum & safest dosage of carefully curated hair-helping ingredients, including 9 peptides (more than any other hair & scalp serums on the market). This clinically-proven daily leave-on formula, can help to create an environment that encourages hair thickness & retention for fuller hair & healthier feeling scalp.

Most products:
•Contain only a limited amount of active ingredients
•Include harsh chemicals & drugs that can cause side-effects

Biotin (Vitamin B7)

Supports stimulation of keratin production in hair and can increase the rate of follicle growth.


Caffeine can stimulate hair follicles & help to counteract the effects of hair follicle shrinkage caused by testosterone (DHT– the cause of 95% of all hair loss).

Clinically- Tested Peptides

Not just for your face– meet peptides, your haircare hero. Peptides can cause changes in cell behavior, stimulate follicle growth & promote natural hair production & overall improvement of hair.


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Q: Will Got to Grow work for my hair type?

We believe that healthy hair starts at the root. Our revolutionary, clinically-proven hair serum delivers a unique complex of powerful, natural vegan ingredients, 9 peptides in their maximum potency, biotin & caffeine— directly to the scalp to support an optimal environment for fuller, thicker-looking, stronger-feeling hair.

Each individual circumstance may be different, but the phases in a hair cycle are the same. We’ve tested our INH Got to Grow serum with people of different age categories, those who experienced sudden loss of hair due to pregnancy, stress, menopause, covid hair loss and other situations– and have reported incredible results.

As for medical conditions like alopecia, Hashimotos, hereditary hair loss or other medical conditions that can cause hair loss, since we're not medical professionals, we cannot give you any specific recommendations. We would suggest that you consult with your doctor to first make sure if the ingredients or if any hair growth serums will be a right fit for you at this time.

Q: Will Got to Grow hair and scalp serum make my hair oily?

This leave-in non-comedogenic formula can be used morning or night because it won't weigh down your hair. This serum has an ultra-lightweight, liquid base for efficient penetration unlike heavy hair oils.

Q: Can I use the INH Got to Grow hair serum if I'm pregnant or breastfeeding?

While many hair serums in the market can contain drugs (minoxidil for example) or include hormones, our ingredients are vegan and natural. INH Got to Grow hair serums are proudly free of synthetic hormones & drugs. Our serum does include caffeine, but caffeine-infused topicals are considered pregnancy-safe by most.

While most pregnant women can use this product, we recommend that you take the list of the ingredients and consult with your doctor before use. Have questions or need more info? Please get in touch via email or direct chat.

Q: Do INH Got to Grow hair serums work on colored or processed hair?

Yes! Gentle enough for colored or processed hair: Our hair serums work at the follicle level, so whether you've permed, processed, or color-treated your hair, you can still get great results.

Q: How do I apply INH Got to Grow hair serum?

Section clean, dry, or towel-dried hair, tilt head back & apply a few drops once daily (morning or night). You can spot treat if you have a particular area of concern, or treat the entire scalp (a little goes a long way!). 

Pat into the scalp to absorb or use our INH Got to Guasha comb to work the serum into the scalp and increase absorption & circulation. It is a leave-in serum, do not wash hair or scalp after application (style as usual).

Most start to see results in 4 weeks when used as instructed.
Warning: If irritation occurs, cease use and consult a physician. Use only as directed on unbroken skin. Patch testing prior to use is advised. Keep out of reach of children.

Pro Tips
*When we say clean scalp, it means free of dirt and products. When your scalp is dirty or oily, the formula will not perform at its level due to buildup blockage. If you don't wash your hair daily, or if you use dry shampoo, apply before you use products. Those who don't use hair products and don't wash their hair everyday, can use it daily if their hair is clean (no dirt, sand, beach chlorine, etc.).

Q: I have sensitive skin. Is it OK for me to use INH Got to Grow serum?

Our serums are vegan, natural, and are very gentle. However, everyone is different, and some people are sensitive to certain natural ingredients. If you are concerned about how your body will react to our serum, we recommend doing a spot test on your inner arm to check for sensitivity.

Note: It is always advisable when trying a brand new product to first patch test, and to stop use of other products for at least 3 months while you trial the product for best results.

Q: What happens if I stop using INH Got to Grow serum?

Like any beauty product, your results will last as long as you continue to use the product.
Due to the nature of the growth cycle, you'll see your hair return to its original state in a few months after discontinuing use.

Q: When can I expect to see results when using INH Got to Grow serum?

INH Got to Grow hair serum can take 2-4 months to show results when applied as recommended, once daily. The hair growth cycle consists of three phases: anagen, catagen, and telogen. INH Got to Grow serum can help expedite and support healthier hair during these phases.

Q: Other growth serum brands made my hair shed, is INH Got to Grow Serum going to do the same?

Got to Grow is a natural hair & scalp serum for all hair types. Some brands may have ingredients which can cause side-effects due to chemically enhanced ingredients. These types of ingredients may irritate the scalp, causing hair to fall out. INH Got to Grow Serum is a multi-peptide formula that is natural and does not cause chemical side-effects.

Some may experience shedding in the early week of first use when their hair cycle is in the Telogen phase. About 25 to 100 telogen hairs are shed normally each day. The serum may accelerate this cycle for a faster regeneration of growth since it works at the follicle level.

Q: Is INH Got to Grow serum FDA-approved?

No, the FDA regulates drugs. We offer natural, drug-free products.