Thin, Damaged, Or Short Hair? This Groundbreaking
Expert-Made Hair Technology Is An Affordable Gamechanger

Tired of thin or short hair that grows slow? Or maybe you’re experiencing common hair issues like:

• hair that’s difficult to style
• damaged hair or breakage
• dull / frizzy hair

Between expensive salon visits, hours of styling, hair extensions that are damaging or look fake, and hair treatments & products that cost hundreds of dollars… it can seem like there’s no easy solution for beautiful, healthy-looking hair.

Thankfully, gone are the days where a major hair change requires draining your bank account, or a trip to the salon.

If you want to eliminate your hair concerns from home & switch up your hairstyle in an instant no matter your hair type, read on for the top 5 reasons why INH Hair is the most recommended, affordable solution for hair freedom and to regain control (hint: with their industry changing INFINI-FLEX™ technology you’ll cut your styling time in half).

Reason 1 You Save Hundreds on Luxury Hair Thanks to INFINI-FLEX™

Most hair extensions companies charge hundreds of dollars for hair that's remotely realistic & wearable. That’s why INSERT NAME HERE was born. INH’s founders were sick of low quality, plasticky hair or on the other hand, high quality hair they couldn’t afford. They teamed up with experts with over 20 years of hair experience to lead the future of hair. Their proprietary INFINI-FLEX™ hair technology mimics human hair features for the most realistic vegan hair extensions on the market. Almost impossible to differentiate from human hair, it’s high heat resistant, feels super soft, & blends easily – It’s like your hair 2.0! Plus, since it can be made in their lab, they can charge much less for hair of the same luxurious quality.

This ready-to-wear, low maintenance & long-lasting hair never loses its vibrancy or style (hello ALL DAY EVERYDAY frizz-free heatless curls or waves). With proper care, the style “flexes” back to its original form (as if brand new out of the bag!) even after wearing, washing or brushing for years of styling.

In fact, the founders still wear the very first ponytails since INH launched!

Reason 2 You’ll Feel Confident No Matter The Occasion

These realistic hair extensions, with over 400,000 fans and a super supportive online community, have glowing testimonials from women who say their INH hair is an affordable solution that changed their life and boosted their confidence. Aside from giving any hair type extra length, style & volume in less than 5 minutes– INH’s high-quality products are a fast & easy solution to instantly give thin, short or damaged hair the appearance of fuller, healthier hair. It’s never been easier to achieve your desired look for any occasion.

Reason 3 You Don’t Need Any Experience To Have Beautiful Hair

No hair stylist? No problem. If you’re craving an instant commitment-free change & want to experiment (without spending lots of time & money), these ponytail extensions are perfect for all hair types & experience levels. Elevate your hair game with salon-quality extensions that are easy to DIY & cost a fraction of one hair styling appointment. Even beginners can achieve salon hairstyles with minimal time or effort.

Reason 4 You Can Transform Your Hair Without Further Damage

Short on patience? Get thicker, longer hair instantly while you protect your hair & let it take a break while waiting for it to grow out on its own. Protect from harmful sprays, dyes, chemicals, and heat. This is the perfect damage-free solution to give your natural hair a rest & allow it time to recover, without sacrificing the look of beautiful hair. Unlike other types of hair extensions, these risk-free, comfortable & sturdy ponytails can be worn or taken out whenever you want without causing harm to your natural hair.

Reason 5 The Pros Recommend This Hair

Top-rated by celebrity stylists (like Athena Alberto & Josh Liu!), beauty editors and Tik-Tokers— It’s no surprise that hairstylists have been recommending INH ponytails to their clients. As summarized in Vogue, “The Expert-Recommended Hair Extensions to Shop Right Now” article:

"INSERT NAME HERE’s buzzy assortment of ponytails, half-up-half-downs, and clip-in extensions are taking over our social feeds. In our own trials with the brand, we were impressed by the soft, voluminous hair quality, plentiful styles, and inclusive shade offerings. Basically, there’s a style for everyone."

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