444 Hair Pin Pack

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Make your accessory game more angelic with our limited edition 444 hair pins. This 4-pack of pearlescent acetate clips make keeping your hair back look heavenly. Non-slip & easy to use, these hair pins are our accessory dreams manifested.

Non-slip & easy to use: Looking to pin back flyaways, keep hair secure while styling, or add a touch of creativity to your look? Our 444 Hair Pins can do the trick seamlessly with a secure hold. Simply clip and they’ll be there to hold your hair back even when you’re on the go.

Zero Damage: Our hair pins are gentle on hair and help prevent the typical breakage that comes with holding your hair back. 

Made with high quality, eco-friendly acetate: Cellulose acetate is an allergy-free, eco-friendly material made from plants. Unlike petroleum-based plastics, acetate plastics are environment-friendly since they are made sustainably out of natural renewable materials that decompose over time.

Made for all hair types: Along with styling possibilities, what also makes these clips so versatile is that a number of hair lengths and textures love to wear them.

Clip into your hair like your typical barrette, and voila!