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Bring on The Bling with Hair Pins
We reckon every 'do deserves a bit of sparkle — whether you're wearing clip-in extensions, going all-out with a wig or keeping it a natural. We love the way hair accessories add a touch of glamour to any look. After all, hair pins are basically jewelry for your hair. Pin one in and it's an easy way to go from conference to cocktail hour without spending hours re-doing your up-do.

Let Your Personality Shine with Our Hair Accessories
Everyone has a few alter egos. These different sides of our personality show themselves all week, and we don't even realize it — from boss babe on Monday morning to Insta influencer during Sunday brunch. Our hair is the perfect way to send the message of who we are right now, and adding hair pins is a quick and easy way to express it. You can add hair pins at your desk, in the car (passenger side only, obv), or literally running out the door. Like our hair extensions, each of our hair accessories channels a different side of your personality. So are you feeling classy with pearls, single with a statement diamond or 'all that' with pink diamonds?

Keep Your Hair in Place with A Statement Hair Clasp
It's not just a bling thing. Hair pins are practical, too. They keep your hair firmly in place, so they're essential for putting your hair up. And, because our hair accessories are embellished with pearls and diamonds, they're perfect for prom, your best friend's wedding or a black tie ball. No Prince Charming required.  They work super well with our hair extensions — pin them around our buns to take the style from chillaxing on the couch to dinner with bae.

Add Sparkle with A Silver or Gold Hair Pin
Having diamonds and pearls in your hair is all good, but when you're choosing hair accessories it's all about the base metals. A gold hair pin channels classic self-confidence and works really well with natural hair colors. We love the modern look of silver, and the way it lets bright colors shine. It looks super striking against dark hair, and adds extra magic to unicorn and mermaid styles. Pin it into one of our stylish colorful wigs and you don't need to commit to hitting the salon every few weeks to maintain the look.