Got To Gua Sha

3-in-1 white jade gua sha comb

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Get your head in the game. Chances are your 12-step skincare routine doesn’t include your scalp… but did you know it ages 6X faster than your face?

Gua Sha: a wellness tool used across Asia for over 2,000 years to massage, sculpt & depuff your face, that can help improve your scalp health, too!

Not only does a relaxing scalp massage boost your mood, but better circulation on the scalp can help stimulate hair follicles to support a healthy environment for your hair to flourish. Improved circulation also increases product absorption, so your hair & scalp soak in the benefits from every last drop of your hair care.

1. Apply Got to Grow Hair Serum.

2. Massage serum into the scalp by gently combing the Scalp Gua Sha in long strokes, moving from the imaginary center line of your head, outwards.

Optional: use the contoured end to gently massage your face & neck in broad strokes, and the long smooth side to lightly smooth & de-puff the under eye area.

3. Use daily for best results.

Pro tip: Refer to our meridian map of the scalp to understand where to apply the strokes for best results