Xtra Wavy: Extensions + Waver Bundle

24-inch 7 piece wavy extension clip-in set + Insert Waves Here

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The best things come in waves — including this duo. Get long voluminous beachy waves in an instant– no ocean required. With our best-selling waver Insert Waves Here & luxurious vegan wavy extensions, you’ll make waves all day long.
1 tester piece to make sure you have the XTRA INCHES shade that blends best with your hair

1 reusable satin storage bag to preserve & protect your INSERT NAME HERE hair

Each pack comes with seven wefts: one 10", one 8", one 6", two 4", and two 3" pieces.

1 Insert Waves Here deep wave iron 

1 heat protective glove included - good hair days don’t include burns!



    3 barrels, 25mm / 1 in. wide

    Medium Waves

    Tourmaline Ceramic Glaze

    Salmon pink with white grip handle

    • Heat protective glove included - good hair days don’t include burns!
    • Compatible with US/Canadian outlets.
    • 1 year manufacturers warranty.

      XTRA INCHES hair extensions: Get wavy & get long voluminous beachy waves in an instant— no ocean required. Complete with 7 customizable wefts, you’ll be able to mix & match for extra inches & density, or use the entire pack for full coverage, volume & glam. 

      INSERT WAVES HERE: Our first and most loved hot tool. Get soft, shiny & salon worthy waves with this deep wave hair iron. She’s hot AF with a temp of up to 450°, but her ionic tourmaline technology keeps damage to a minimum.


        If properly cared for, your XTRA INCHES hair extensions will last for years of styling.

        Here’s how to keep them looking perfect for as long as possible:
        - Comb before & after wear
        - Store in the included reusable satin storage bag or on your Hang Hair Here

        *For hair pieces with curls or waves: we recommend using a wide tooth comb or separating curls with your fingers

        Check out our How-To Guide for tips & tricks on how to care for your XTRA INCHES hair extensions.


        Unplug Insert Waves Hair Here and allow it to cool before you start to clean it.

        Wipe the surface with a soft damp cloth after the device has cooled.

        Do NOT use harsh or abrasive cleaning agents or solvents.

        Store in a dry and cool place.

        See Manual for other safety advice.

        Check out our How-To Guide for tips & tricks on how to use Insert Waves Here.

        Essential Hair



        hair detangling spray

        Frequently Asked Questions

        If it's vegan, what's your hair made of?

        INFINI-FLEX™ is the closest person-made alternative to human hair


        Created with human hair features, we use our proprietary INFINI-FLEX™ technology for the most realistic vegan hair extensions.


        This ready to wear, weatherproof, low maintenance fiber never loses its style or vibrancy. With proper care, the style “flexes” back to its original form (as if brand new out of the bag!) even after years of wearing, washing or brushing . If you straighten or curl up to 160°C / 320ºF, our INFINI-FLEX™  technology will remember that new style

        What's the difference between XTRA INCHES and other INSERT NAME HERE extensions?

        XTRA INCHES vegan hair extensions are luxurious yet affordable hair extensions to add volume & length. At 24 inches, they’re also our longest extensions yet!


        Our pre-styled wavy extensions made with vegan INFINI-FLEX™ fibers are almost impossible to differentiate from human hair. This expertly made artificial human hair feels soft, blends easily, and has dimension & natural shine like that of healthy human hair. You can enjoy years of wear from this weatherproof & low maintenance fiber which never loses its style or vibrancy.


        Use a little or a lot of XTRA INCHES’ seven wefts to  customize your look. She’s perfect for all hair types but blends best with medium length layered hair.

        Can I use hot tools on XTRA INCHES hair extensions?

        Yes! XTRA INCHES is heat resistant up to 320 degrees but they are made with perfect waves that aren't suitable to be completely re-styled into a new style (will not revert back to the original waves).

        How do I apply my XTRA INCHES hair extensions?

        Step 1: Start with dry, tangle-free hair.

        Step 2:  Section 1 to 2” of the lower part of your hair & clip away unsectioned hair into a top knot. 

        Step 3: Apply the wefts from ear to ear in the following order: 6”; 8”; 10”. Apply one of each 4” & 3” weft on the sides of your head. Unsection your top knot and voila!

        How do I use INSERT WAVES HERE?

        Step 1: Open the waver & insert your hair section 2-3 inches from the root

        Step 2: Hold for 5-10 secs & repeat, moving down your section towards the tips

        Step 3: Continue through your sections & voila! 

        How hot does Insert Waves Here get?

        The Waver is hot AF, with a temp of up to 450℉ / 232.2 ℃ (so don’t burn yourself!). Always put on your included heat protectant glove before you get wavy. 

        Worried about heat damage? Insert Waves Here’s ionic tourmaline technology keeps damage to a minimum. To be extra safe, use our moisturizing heat protectant spray Flame Fighter.