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2 pack hotfix hair gems

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Have twice the fun with two packs of your favorite hair gems. These effortless, shiny accessories are just what you need to stand out.

2 packs of Rhinestone Hair Gems: 3 sheets/ 48 gems per pack

No residue
No glue, pulling or stickiness.

No damage
Easy to apply, effortless to remove.

Long lasting
Through rain or shine– style and wear your waterproof gems for days, perfect for special occasions and festivals.

Customizable look
Cut out shapes, patterns, streaks, or embellish your strands with just a few gems– the placement and amount is up to you!



    hair essence

    Choose Scent:

    Peach Tart
    Frosted Melon
    Strawberry Jam
    Cherry Pie

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply my hair gems?

1. Cut the desired size & shape of your hair gem strip, remove the backingCut the desired size & shape of your hair gem strip, remove the backing

2. Set the gems on a section of your hair in the desired location, with the clear label side facing outward

3. Heat using a hair straightener on each individual hair gem for about 3-5 seconds (go one by one pressing each stone)

4. Remove the clear label
The result: gorgeous shining streaks of hair gems that can last 3-10 days.

How do I remove my hair gems?

Your hair gems should last through several shampoos and gentle brushing, eventually falling out by themselves. To extend the life of your gems, avoid conditioning the areas where they’re applied.

If you’d like to remove sooner, saturate the area with conditioner or hair oil, let it soak in for a few minutes, and rub gently until the gem detaches. Do not pull or pick off dry, unconditioned hair.