Why You Should Wear A Wig This Holiday Season

Why You Should Wear A Wig This Holiday Season




Reason 1: Save Time And Money


If you’re thinking “Wigs cost money..” you’re right! But our affordable, high-quality, re-wearable wigs are more cost effective than visiting a salon for a new haircut or color. 


If you have one of our pre-styled holiday wigs, there’s no need to spend time or money at a salon during the holiday season (if you can even get in for an appointment!). Wear your wig to a holiday party so you can spend your time focused on having fun at your festivities. 





INH Babe @danieekyland in Josie

Reason 2: Cover Up Thinning Hair


With stress, dryness, and many other factors, hair loss is a common occurrence during the winter holiday season. And approximately 56 million people experience it all year long. Our wigs can help with instant confidence so those concerns are the last thing on your mind while you’re enjoying quality time with friends and family.

Read our Hair Loss Awareness Month blog post if you want more information about it.  



INH Babe @stephh.cardenas in Nadia


INH Babe @awkwardtortoisee in Cherry

Reason 3: There’s No Commitment 


No dyes. No hair cuts. No commitment. When the holiday season has passed, you will still have your natural hair, untouched by products, heat, or scissors. The days of impulsive hair changes are over and you still get to enjoy great holiday looks. 


Pro tip: Pair your wig with stained lips and velvet nails for a holiday look no one will forget. 




INH Babe @bunnyandfawn in Bree


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