What Happened to our Viral Instagram Filter

What Happened to our Viral Instagram Filter

We lost our number 1 girl this year, you all noticed, we’ve gotten hundreds of DM’s and it’s time to address the elephant in the room. Our Viral IG Filter “Year One” is gone and though we are not exactly sure where she went, we miss her every day, especially during golden hour. We assume her only sin was that she made everyone just too damn cute. Our selfies just won’t be the same without her :(

Backstory: We made our “Year One” Instagram filter to celebrate our first birthday. It meant so much more to us than just being the most adorable filter on the ‘gram. The butterflies, the blush, the freckles...she was really just our aesthetic in a filter. She made us feel good when we were feeling bad. So you can imagine our panic and confusion when we woke up one day, tried to take a #nomakeup selfie, and she was gone. 


“Year One” was loved (and worn) by celebrities, influencers, and fellow instagrammers all over the world (literally). She graced the faces of some of the biggest names in the biz - Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, and Bella Hadid just to name a few. 

What breaks our heart even more is that celebs weren’t the only people that loved it. YOU were the ones that made our filter go viral. It was the love and support from our INH fam that made this filter so loved. We saw your messages. We wanted to give you answers, but we just didn’t have them. We still aren’t 100% sure why she’s gone, but we do have a theory…

We think “Year One” disappeared because she just made us look TOO good. Yes, as strange as it sounds, we think Instagram took our filter down because they couldn’t handle how cute we all looked. We wish we had a better explanation, but we really think people were intimidated by how the all the snatched selfies we were generating. 

Fact: “Year One” made all of our selfie dreams come true. She made us feel adorable. Her blushing cheeks and crown of butterflies...no other filter does it like she did. That being said, we have great news. A new filter is currently in the works, she can never replace “Year One” and we’ll never forget how amazing she made us look and feel….but that won’t stop us from trying. 


As always, thank you for your love and support 


Xoxo - The INH Team



Bring her back please remake it 😂😭😭😭


This is so sad! There’s nothing that instagram admin could do? This filter was really everything, so many people loved it, including me!

Paula Norato

Aww! I loved it so much and I happen to work for Kylie Cosmetics but your extensions are my go to and my boss (Kylie) loves the filter and she complimented me on my hair and I told her where 2 go.


I think that Instagram took the filter down because a couple months prior, they announced that they would be removing all filters that contain bigger lips, smaller noses, basically any “plastic surgery” features in hopes of helping people feel more confident with their natural beauty. I think it’s dumb and I loved the filter and I still feel confident with myself even after the filters are removed. But yeah that’s just my thought.

Zoe S.

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