Welcoming Totally Hair Barbie into her 30's

Welcoming Totally Hair Barbie into her 30's

Pinch us: We’re collaborating with Totally Hair Barbie for her 30th anniversary! (Totally a dream come true!!)

Totally Hair Barbie™ X INSERT NAME HERE

If you haven’t met her already, Totally Hair Barbie, created in 1992, has the longest hair of any other Barbie. She comes ready for styling with hair accessories, styling gel & a super styling booklet– but her claim to fame is her magnificent mane that reaches all the way to her toes! She is iconic & historic for being the highest selling Barbie doll ever.

Like millions of you all, we grew up with Barbie– we imagined, created and expressed ourselves through her.   



With this totally iconic, special edition collab we wanted to channel the creative freedom we had when we were young—  and dream, experiment and play with our own hair like we did with our Barbie doll’s. If you have always dreamt of being a Barbie girl in a Barbie world, this one’s for you! We are all Barbie. 


As Diane von Furstenberg famously said, "Barbie represents a confident and independent woman with an amazing ability to have fun while remaining glamorous." We know in true Barbie fashion that it'll be another ground-breaking year… but just in case she needs a little reassurance for her 30th birthday, here’s our best advice for Totally Hair Barbie from our two 30-something Co-founders.





To Barbie,  xo Sharon

Barbie!! Happy birthday to one of my first ever friends! You’ve strengthened my relationships with my hair, my career, and my friends. So for that reason, my advice to you comes in three parts: 

1) Stay away from the bleach! If there’s one thing I learned from my 20s, it’s that the damage is so not worth it! If you feel the need to switch up your hair with your every mood there's less distressing ways to go about it. I would tell my younger self to reach for the semi-permanent hair tints instead (or wear more wigs!). I love a good hair transformation but healthy hair is always in style.
    2) Don't forget to celebrate your small wins too! Each & every one of them matters. 

      3) Life is so much easier and better with besties by your side. Never forget to make time for them. 

        To Barbie, love Jordynn

        Happy 30th, Totally Hair Barbie!! As a global icon, Barbie has worn thousands of trendsetting looks, excelled at hundreds of  dream jobs, cared for 40 pets (goals), had one serious (& seriously dreamy) boyfriend and ran for president multiple times! All while having fun & helping her friends along the way.

        This leads me to the worst advice I ever received, which was to "be realistic"– So on this very special birthday of yours, I want you to remember that there is always still time to chase your dreams.

        At 30, you have more confidence, and you know yourself much better. You start to understand what is really important to you in life. Think about what you want your next 10-20 years to look like and really go for it!

        It is never too late to start something new and the world is truly your oyster, Barbie™ & we can’t wait to see what’s next!

        Shop for the Totally Iconic Accessories Kit!

        All of us at INSERT NAME HERE are sending you so much love for your 30th birthday, Totally Hair Barbie!

        The Barbie X INH collab features everything you need for totally iconic photo-worthy hairstyles. 

        Jordynn styling Sharon with the Totally Hair Barbie Whitney Wig & Totally Iconic Accessories Kit


        The Special Edition collection includes premium ‘90s style accessories, a signature multi-use 2-in-1 hot tool, and long, ready-to-wear hair — all designed to inspire the hair stylist within. 

        We hope this collection inspires you to revisit your inner child and tap into limitless self expression, creativity & confidence through hair!

        We are all Barbie—  We can be role models and we’re all beautiful when we’re being ourselves. 

        Shop the Barbie™ X INH™ now. 


        Totally 2 in 1 Hair Styler


         Alyssa Barbie Edition ponytail


        Whitney Barbie Edition wig


        The Totally Iconic Accessories Kit 


        The Totally '90s Scrunchie Set 


        The Totally Stylin' Hair Pomade 


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