10 TikTok Hair Care Routines For Gorgeous, Healthy Hair

10 TikTok Hair Care Routines For Gorgeous, Healthy Hair

These hair care routines will give your gorgeous mane the shine and volume it deserves.

We're going to be honest with you, babe. We spend a lot of time on Tiktok. We mean - A LOT!! 

After watching a bazillion life hacks and dance videos, we’ve come across a few gems on our favorite hair care topics. 

Hair care is a hot trend on Tiktok. The #haircare hashtag has over 13 million likes, and for good reason... 

Getting gorgeous, healthy hair has never been easier– check out our favorite hair care routines and find out how below!



Daily Hair Care


Routine 1: 


There are so many natural ingredients out there that can do wonders for your hair (tysm, Mother Nature). One such ingredient is aloe vera. Hair & beauty TikToker @jonathankmonroe blends fresh Aloe Vera to create a home-made Aloe Vera gel. The creator pours his blended Aloe directly into a bowl of water and dunks his hair right in for gorgeous-looking curls. .


Quick fact: Aloe vera is a medicinal plant that's been traditionally used in Eastern cultures. It is known to help in hair growth and bring that extra shine. Try it for yourself and tell us the results! 



@jonathankmonroe Added #aloevera to the #bowlmethod #hairvideos #curlyhairdontcare #bowlmethodcurls #hairhacks ♬ Wannabe - Spice Girls



Hair Wash Routine


Routine 2: 

This Tiktoker shares her entire hair care routine on wash days. In the video, she mentions she starts her routine with castor oil.

Now ICYMI, castor oil is an essential oil that's rich in omega 3. It helps hair grow and shine. She gently massages it into her hair and lets it sit for 30 minutes. She then goes on to shampoo and conditioning and shares a mind-blowing tip on dealing with hair oils. Next, she applies a hair mask, dries her hair, and ties it in braids before hitting the bed. 


Check out her entire routine below!


@mistica.aa ✨Castor oil is great for reducing hair loss and stimulating hair growth all while leaving your hair shiny✨ #hair #hairtok #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound - jaedenraegomez


Curl Care 

Routine 3: 


Life feels incomplete without some bouncy, happy curls. So for all you curly-haired babes out there, time to embrace and enhance your natural curls! 

This Tiktoker shares her hair care routine for a head full of gorgeous afro curls. In the video, she suggests starting off with a Shea moisture cream and deep conditioner. And then you start scrunching. Scrunching is such a crucial step for getting soft natural curls. Following that, apply a curling gel and scrunch some more. Finally, use a diffuser (with more scrunching) and then wait patiently. And tadaa, you end up with gorgeous curls!


@odootles HERE YALL GO🥰🥰🥰🥰 #curlyhairtutorial #hairroutine ♬ original sound - woo


Routine 4:


We love this curly hair routine by Janet Amrani. In the video, Amrani walks you through her entire process. It starts with detangling your curls using a hairbrush that's suitable for curly hair. INH hair detangler is the perfect option for curly hair frizzes. Next, Amrani applies an avocado hair mask, ties her hair up in braids, and lets it sit for some time before moving further. Her routine continues with using a deep cream conditioner, curling lotion, and gel, before moving on to drying out her curls with a diffuser or blow dryer. And the result is gorgeous

Check out her entire routine and try at home for bouncy, frizz-free curls! 


@janet_amrani Curly care hair routine - using my favourite products! Let me know if you have any questions about curls in the comments 👇🏼✨ #fyp #foryou #curls ♬ Backyard Boy - Claire Rosinkranz


Hair Growth 

Routine 5: 

Who has the patience to wait a whole year for just a few inches of hair growth? Not us! 


Want to make your hair grow faster? TikTok creator TikToker Ariba Pervaiz swears by using fermented rice water to prevent hair loss & grow her hair. 

She stores her rice water for 24-48 hours (which allows for it to ferment). Then, she mixes equal part fermented rice water, regular water, and rosemary oil. After one month of using it, her bald patch filled up, hair loss decreased, and she has shine and length to die for! 

See for yourself and try out these tips in your daily hair care routine for stunning results. 


@ariba_p Walking into my mid 30’s like.. 😂😭 Hair loss due to Hypothyroidism. I’ve been using fermented rice water and the hair fall has stopped! #fermentedricewater #diyhairtreatment #naturalhair #hairloss #hairgrowth #alopecia #hairfallremedy ♬ Darling - Trees and Lucy

Routine 6:


Talking about hair care routines, how could we forget Audrey Victoria? The famous Tiktoker is well-known for creating content on topics like hair growth, hair care, hair tips, hacks, etc. Basically, everything hair. 


Her TikToks  share her hair journey from normal, frizzy dry hair to insanely shiny, long, and voluminous hair. In this video, Dr. Anthony Youn even gives his stamp of approval. 


Audrey uses an oil mixture of rosemary, jojoba, argan & castor oil. She massages this oil mixture into her scalp & hair, leaves it overnight and washes in the morning for shiny, super healthy-looking strands. 

It's so easy to prepare at home, and light on the wallet too! Go watch her video and massage some oil for your beautiful strands! 


@audreyvictoria_ Tomorrow is rice water rinse day! Here’s my rice water tutorial 🍚💗 #ricewater #hairtok #ricewaterforhairgrowth #hairgrowth #diyhair ♬ Banana (feat. Shaggy) [DJ FLe - Minisiren Remix] - Conkarah


Dead Hair Revival 

Routine 7:



Want to revive, strengthen & add shine to your hair? 

This Tiktoker has found a way. Hint: it's avocado oil! 

She applies avocado oil to her scalp & rubs it into her hair and hair daily before going to sleep. It helps restore and smoothen hair texture. Plus, it also reverses hair loss. And the result? You have to see it to believe it! We're taking notes! 



@dorocubillo Avocado oil overnight treatment ❣️ #hairoiltreatment #longhairtips ♬ original sound - Dorothy


Routine 8:

This creator was obsessed with bleaching her hair blonde (we've been there). So much so that she ended up with hair that was severely damaged with breakages (ugh, our worst nightmare). 

But there's a happy ending to this one! In this Tiktok, she reveals all the game-changing hair care products and life-changing hair hacks she followed to repair and revive her over-bleached hair. We love a good hair transformation story. Hair redemption incoming! 


@parknamee permanent bleach/heat damage repair w @K18 Hair 😱 join #k18hairflip challenge to win 1/10 $1000 Sephora gc & insalon treatment 😍 #K18partner #hair ♬ #K18hairflip - K18 Hair



Hair Loss 


Routine 9:

Think a breakup hurts? Try running your fingers through your hair and pulling out a pile of hair strands.
We feel you, babe. Hair loss is one of the worst feelings in life.

But looks like this Indian Tiktoker is here to save our lives! 

In this video, Seerat explains how to prevent hair loss and speed up hair growth through Ayurvedic scalp massages.  

According to Ayurveda, there are certain pressure points in your scalp that, when massaged, can improve blood flow and induce the growth of new hair cuticles. Well, you learn something new every day! 

Watch the video below to learn more about these pressure points in your scalp and how you can massage them for longer hair, faster. 


@seeratsaini_ ♬ Problemas - Paris Boy


Routine 10:

This one is another banger from Indian Tiktoker Seerat! 

In this video, she spills the hair loss secrets every Indian mom knows about 🤫 And if you know a little something about Indian women, they take their hair care very seriously! 

Seerat goes on to share how holistic plant-based root hair oils can provide incredible results. 

She specifically recommends using a hair oil by Fable & Mane that's made with a blend of ashwagandha, castor, dashmool, and other Indian herbs which reduce hair loss and promote hair growth. 

Go check out the full video below. 



@seeratsaini_ THATS WHY HER HAIR IS SO BIG 👀 I used Fable & Mane HoliRoots #fyp #haircare #hairtransformation #hairloss #hairlossremedy #ayurveda #WhatsYourPower ♬ Urvashi - Dil Se Re - Chaiyya Chaiya - Medley Version - Pragya Sodhani



So, which of these hair care routines will you start with? 

Show us how you take care of your hair by tagging us on InstagramTiktokPinterestTwitter Facebook and use the hashtag #INHBabe!

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