The Ultimate Guide To Winter Hair Hacks

The Ultimate Guide To Winter Hair Hacks

Can it really be November already?! We know, it seems all too fast but it’s already time to start preparing for the wintery holiday season. With the colder weather comes an updated beauty routine because as seasons change, our hair changes too. 

Seasons affect our hair all the time, especially winter. The hair moisture fades, hat hair is a given, and snow... Well, it’s no fun doing our hair just for the wet snow to frizz it up and undo the glam. 

The chilly weather is always tough on hair- so to start the new season off, we’ve got your back with winter hair hacks that will help protect your gorgeous hair– and easy tricks that will make this winter season a little less stressful when it comes to winter and holiday hairstyling.


Static and Flyaways:


It's no secret that static and flyaways are given during the winter...

The root of this problem: Drier air. Winter has less electrons that we pick up, meaning less moisture in the air. Static also comes from the heat from your winter accessories like hats, scarfs, and coats.

Can it be fixed? Snow problem at all, babes. Here are a few frizz fizzling hair tricks to tame flyaways.


Dryer Sheets

To help control the winter hair frizz, run an unscented dryer sheet through the strands of your hair. Put a few in your bag so when you're out and about, you can quickly defrizz. It's seriously a time and winter hair hack saver. 


Quick Slick

Quick slick is changing the game by instantly slicking and smoothing flyaways. This flyaway hair product is easy and lightning fast for finishing or touching up your style on the go. Its gentle vegan formula, free of any icky stuff, is non-irritating, and won’t clog pores– making it perfect for sensitive scalps. Quick slick is hydrating (without the greasy, flakey, sticky worries) and works on all hair types. Slick those flyaways back on the slopes or on the snowy trek to work… quick slick is the perfect flyaway and frizzy hair product. 


Say goodbye to your hat hair, and if you got some extra flyaways, use a bristle brush before or after applying dryer sheets and quick slick.



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Dry Brittle Hair:


It's the dry, brittle hair for me. So why does it always happen?

The cold, strong winds and little moisture in the air are going to cause that dry, brittle hair.


Some winter hair staple reminders of how to add moisture to dry hair...


-Remember to not leave the house with wet hair

-Condition more than shampoo- your hair needs all the moisture it can get

-Make sure to get your six week trim up before the snow comes

-Try using hair oils & serums before bed, or overnight hair masks for extra hair breakage prevention


    Super Shine Serum

    Super Shine Serum is magic in a bottle for dry and brittle hair. It nourishes & revives hair to it’s original silky shine, and it enhances hair color that winter seems to fade, back to its vibrant glory. For no more sad winter hair days for your pony extensions  try Emergency Revival Spray : babes say it makes their extensions look BRAND NEW. 

    These are travel-friendly game-changers to get your hairpieces and natural hair looking brand new, or if you need quick holiday hair fixes for any wintery day. 



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    Easy Winter Blow Out:


    No time for a salon blowout this season? Insert a salon style blowout back into your routine from the comfort of your warm and cozy home. 

    She's cool and she’s hot! It will become your bestie hot tool that protects and styles.

    The INSERT BLOWOUT HERE dries and styles your hair at the same time faster than any other blow dry brush by 20% (omg, is right). Get a frizzless and silky blowout FAST, any day you want. 

    But what about using less heat in winter to prevent breakage? 

    Well, it's a winter miracle because this hair blowout tool has ceramic technology that helps reduce over-styling damage. It protects the hair to make a hair blow out possible for winter dates nights, holiday festivals, or any of your favorite winter activities. 


    Maintain your winter blowout for a few days:

    When showering, wrap your hair with a scarf and use a shower cap to prevent any moisture from trying to seep in. Then make sure to wrap your hair with a silk scarf or use a silk or satin pillowcase to avoid frizz and bed head.



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    Quick Glam: The Weatherproof Edition

    We all love a cozy snowy day, but the snow is a no-go when we want perfect hair.

    Believe it or not, babes, we have pre-styled hair options that are weatherproof! Yes, we said it, weatherproof. 

    Feel free to skip the salon and make it easier to get ready this winter with vegan pre-styled & weatherproof ponytail extensions that stay perfect looking all day & night. Save damage, frizziness, time and money with ponytail or bun extensions. Our cute winter hairstyle picks would be the Jordynn pony or Sammy bun, which are effortlessly chic for any winter day or holiday party style.



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    Feeling Knotty

    Tangley & knotty hair is snow fun, and it's the winter accessories and tornado of winter winds that gets your locks tangled up. A tip to keep up with your hair knots before they get out of hand is to make sure you're brushing your hair every day with the right kind of brush. 
    ** Note: if you have longer hair, you're more prone to hair knots, so make sure you're brushing your hair more often.

    How can I get knots out of my hair?  

    Using a metal comb or the award-winning INH Brush (which helps unclog scalp pores + evenly distribute natural hair oils from root to tip for healthier hair) is the perfect remedy to those hair tangles and knots. 

    Some last-minute tricks to prevent tangled hair is to examine your hair texture (to see which brushes are best), sleep with your hair down or in a hair scarf, and try using silk or satin pillowcases to prevent  knots and preserve your style. 



    Pro tip, brush your hair with a mixed bristle brush (like ours) to evenly disperse your natural hair oils for healthier shinier and smoother hair ✨

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    We hope we eased some of your winter hair stressors, and now you can be ready to serve cute winter hair looks all day, every day with these winter hair hacks.

    These are great hacks to use for quick holiday hair makeovers and touch ups so you can be ready for any holiday festivity! 

    Make sure to give lots of love to your hair this winter and since sharing is caring, pass these tips along to a friend 💕


    Don't forget to take a peek at all INSERT NAME HERE hair for quick, pre-styled hair options for the holiday season coming up and every occasion in the new year! 



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