The Gothcore Era is In and We're Here For It!

The Gothcore Era is In and We're Here For It!

Welcome to the dark side Babes!

While summer was all about the clean girl aesthetic and a golden sun-kissed & put-together look—  the fall spooky season stands in stark contrast with its goth glam, e-girl approved look. Adapted from the early 2000’s goth look & modernized–  the gothcore aesthetic is a grungier trend, but that doesn't mean you can’t have fun dressing it up or down.

We're talking about outfits packed with dark feminine energy, smoky eyes, dark lips, metals, and rich dark shades. Think corsets, vegan leather, & lace. The kind of modern, movie vampire glam that you’d find in the Vampire Diaries or the upcoming reboot of the Addams Family. 

Wondering how to get the 2022 goth look? Here are our favorite looks & how you can achieve them with your favorite INH products:

Gothic Juliet



Take a glance at the latest
Versace runway, it screams romantic goth! The monochromatic outfits & the whole purple / black vibe were amazing. If you wanna steal the long straight hair look you need to try Ivy and Jade.

Queen of Vampires

Dove Cameron slayed the goth-core aesthetic on the VMAs red carpet. If you want to get that perfectly braided sharp look without flyaways, we got you! To achieve those super long braids, use Lara. Carry Quick Slick with you to keep frizz & flyaways out of your way.

Midnight Goddess


Lizzo embraced the gothic glam aesthetic at VMAs this year. Her smokey eyes and her wet look hair were subtle sidekicks to her dark, embellished lips. Try our lightweight pomade to get the sleek look without making your hair feel crunchy.  

Fallen Angel

When future generations start to wonder what the hype was about the dark feminine energy trend, we will show them these photos. NGL, we love this for Dua Lipa! If you also want to enlighten people to posterity, wear your Zooey clip-in bangs & Sammy bun to get Dua's side look; you can use bobby pins to style & side-sweep them.

Blonde Morticia

You don't have to wear black makeup to jump into the gothcore trend! Follow Dixie D'amelio's example and use long layers to incorporate gothic glam in your outfit. The soft-rooted blonde is a contrasting pop to an all-black outfit. Try the look with one of our blonde wigs like Julia.

Pop Rock Princess

And don't worry, babe, the goth-core is so much more than a full black outfit. Just like Olivia Rodrigo has been proving her whole career, goth glam aesthetic can also be sparkly & fun (just add fun hair accessories, fishnet stockings, and combat boots). Get Olivia Rodrigo’s hair with these instant luscious locks, our Xtra Inches wavy clip-in hair extensions. Finish the Olivia Rodrigo look & get the maximalist dopamine glam trend with our curated kit of 90’s accessories

With Halloween right around the corner, the dark makeup trending on TikTok, and the upcoming premiere of Wednesday, the new Addams Family Netflix series— 
It is no surprise that we entered (and embraced) the gothcore era. 

We would love to see your gothcore INH Hair looks. Tag us on Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest, Twitter & Facebook and use the hashtag #INHBabe

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