How To Do INH Co-Founder Sharon Pak's 10 Best Looks

How To Do INH Co-Founder Sharon Pak's 10 Best Looks


It's our Co-Founder Sharon Pak's (@immbunny) birthday!
If you follow her on Instagram or Tiktok, then you know this beauty icon is always serving looks.

And why wouldn't she? We all know how selective Virgos are. They have extremely high standards, none more so than for themselves, and they obsess over everything. They are pay attention to the details, love organizing stuff, and can be relied on to make everything go smoothly (AKA perfect boss material)!

Here are our 10 favorite Virgo beauty looks of hers (in no particular order) and how to easily achieve the look yourself! 



1. Nice Buns 



Starting off strong, we have one of the best bun looks-- the perfect Sammy bun in black brown with sleek, side swoop bangs. Not to mention her nails and make up look flawless. Shop for her bun here!



 2. Better Half 



Is it possible to like something twice? Her outfit, which is from @kimshistudio, compliments her Chloe half up half down hairstyle in black brown impeccably. Shop for Chloe here!



3. HI-LITE of Our Life






 4. Flipping Out



Remember when INH became available at Ulta? Because we do! This black brown Lola ponytail extension with a teardrop swoop is simple but elegant. And once again, Sharon's clean makeup look is *chefs kiss*. Shop for Lola here!




5. Legally Blonde 



Sharon is giving Disney princess meets the 21st century in this platinum blonde balayage ponytail with dark brown roots. A curled Brit ponytail extension with a lavender dress? Nothing short of iconic. Shop for the look here!



 6. Made to Braid



The Kim K extra long braid ponytail. The makeup. The outfit. She looks absolutely stunning. Although it looks completely natural, the braid hairstyle comes from Lara ponytail extension in black brown... which makes for the best baddie look with that black dress!
Shop for Lara



7. Extra Bratitude 



Super technically, these are 4 different Bratz looks but just like Sharon herself said, how can we pick a favorite when they're all THAT good? From icy platinum hair to honey highlights to dark brown waves, she highlights her passion for fashion with these sassy styles. Shop for wigs here!



8. Au so Naturale



Sharon is known to play with her hairstyles with short hair one day, and long hair the next. She loves to change things up with hair extensions, wigs, and hair color-- but this (once blue hair) fading to a natural dark brown short bob is one of our favorite looks. If you wanna achieve this short, dark hairstyle without the salon, shop for our Poppy wig here



9. Girl on Fire



Coming in hot with the first picture, the Ivy long red lace front wig looks amazing on Sharon. And we all know that when a woman is in her red hair phase, she is not to be messed with. Shop for Ivy here!



 10. Sweet Dream



Last but certainly not least, our final look is our first collab, Liane V x INH! The black brown Liane ponytail is soft, voluminous and obviously adorable. But if you want her, shop fast. She's a limited edition. Link here!


As her fellow Virgo, Beyonce, once said "I don't like to gamble, but if there's one thing I'm willing to bet on, it's myself."

Alongside Jordynn Wynn, Sharon has created something beautiful because she bet on herself (boss is the best look of all IMO). 

On behalf of all of us here at INH, Happy Birthday Sharon! 


Ps. in honor of her birthday, we're having a LIMITED 40% sale on select items!
Act fast.


Wish Sharon a HBD on InstagramTiktokPinterestTwitter & Facebook and use the hashtag #INHBabe so we can see you recreate her looks! 

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