Remy Extensions or U-Clip?

Remy Extensions or U-Clip?

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Life is all about decisions, and some are easier than others. Choosing between U-Clip and Remy Extensions tends to have people torn because they’re both amazing! Both products offer mega volume and length, but each have their own unique benefits. Take a look at their differences and let’s find the best piece for you!

What is a U-Clip?

Our U-clip is a one piece clip-in extension. It is shaped like a “U” (hehe see what we did there). It’s applied around the crown of your head and hidden by a top layer of hair. It adds extreme volume and length, but does not give you as much opportunity to blend and adjust since it’s a single piece. U-clip does work well if you already have layers -think of it as your final layer! Or also works if you hair is a similar length and you just want to volumize what ya got! U-clip is not recommended for blunt cuts. Keep reading to learn more!


What are Remy Extensions?

Our Remy Extensions are 7 pieces clip-in pieces of 100% Human Remy Hair. This allows you to strategically place them for a custom blend. These extensions work perfectly with blunt or layered cuts, but are great for anyone who’s looking for a customizable look! Keep reading to learn more!

Hair Type and Length

One major thing to consider when shopping for extensions is your hair type and length. Despite popular belief, extensions are not just for our short haired peeps. Long-haired cuties love adding volume and length to their hair too! If you’ve worn extensions before, you know it’s ALL about the blend. That being said, different types of extensions blend more seamlessly with certain hair types and lengths. 

For fine or short hair:

Recommendation: Lux Remy Extensions

Why: These offer the most seamless blend for fine and/or short hair! We also recommend these for those blunt cuts. Lux Remy Extensions have the fullness required to blend these blunt edges and come as a set of 10 clip-in’s so you can strategically place and blend which ensures a flawless custom look.

For those with medium length hair, we recommend our Medium or Lux Remy Extensions or 16” or 22” U-Clip for your most seamless blend! Choose the length based on how dramatic of a look you want ;)

Why Medium Remy Extensions: Pairing Medium Remy extensions with medium length hair gives your existing hair a ton of volume. They’re also great if you have thinner hair or just want to add a bit of natural looking length.

Why Lux Remy Extensions: These are a great choice for those with medium length hair if you’re looking for extra af volume and length! They also offer the ability to customize your perfect blend if you have thinner hair or a blunt cut. 

Why 16” U-Clip: Our 16” U-Clip and medium length hair will give you extreme volume and instant length. This would work well with those who have layered cuts, since it can be seen as your final layer!

Why 22” U-Clip: If you’re looking for the most dramatic volume paired with mega length try our 22” U-Clip! It will give you a full look, and definitely works well with layered hair!

For those with long hair, you can wear both 22” U-Clip and our Remy Human Hair extensions for a flawless look! 

Why Medium Remy Extensions: Try our Medium Remy Extensions if you want a more natural transformation. These will give you beautiful volume and length without looking super extra since you can customize to find your perf blend!

Why Lux Remy Extensions: If you’re going for a extra af look, we highly recommend our Lux Extensions. Applying all 10 pieces will give you the most volume and length you’ve ever experienced! You can also apply fewer pieces if you want a more natural look; these extensions are super versatile!

Why 22” U-Clip: Pairing long, thick hair with our 22” U-Clip gives super dramatic volume and length. We highly recommend it if you prefer a one-step application! If you have thin hair and choose U-Clip, we suggest teasing the crown of your head to match the volume the extension adds to the midsection and ends. We’re all about that blend!

Human Hair or Synthetic?

Something else to consider when shopping for extensions is the type of hair you’re purchasing. Remy human hair and our Japanese synthetic fibers both have their benefits. Hope you’re ready for a crash course ;)

Remy human hair is the premium human hair option since the hair is collected to ensure that all strands are aligned in the same way they grew. This makes sure that the hair has a smooth and natural feel. Since they’re made of human hair, our extensions can be dyed and heat styled up to 320 degrees. Our Remy hair extensions are the perf long term solution to getting stunning volume and length without waiting for your hair to grow!

Our U-Clip is made from Japanese synthetic fibers, which are an easy and affordable way to up your hair game! Although they can be heat styled up to 400 degrees, our extensions come pre-styled so they can be worn straight out of the package. Since they’re synthetic, they are weather resistant; you never need to worry about rain or humidity! 

The human vs synthetic hair debate is older than Team Edward vs Team Jacob, but the one thing they have in common is that the choice is all about your preference! Both styles of extensions are high quality, super soft, and blend beautifully, so it’s up to you to decide what features matter most in your extensions! 


A big difference between our U-Clip and Remy Extensions is how you apply them. 

Let’s take a look!




The last, and arguably most important, step when wearing extensions is styling them. Here are a few tips when styling your U-Clip or Remy Extensions! We gotchu ;)


Our U-Clip may come pre-styled, but we recommend adding volume to the crown of your head to ensure a perfect blend! You can also add some loose waves to create an effortless look! When heat styling your U-Clip, make sure to hold the curl in the palm of your hand for at least 15-20 seconds. This helps the fibers lock in the curl for all day wear! 


Our Remy extensions always look amazing curled since it helps to blend with your actual hair. You can also straighten both the extensions and your own hair for a sleek look. Remy extensions always look amazing when styled like your own hair; this gives the most seamless look! You can even add them into braids for extra thickness. 

Choosing the right extensions for you is a big choice, but we hope we’ve made the decision a bit easier! We’d love to see how you rock your extensions so tag us @insertnamehere on Instagram and use the hashtag #INHBabe :)


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