Marie Antoinette: The OG INH Babe

Hey Babes!💓

Class is in session for our very first Hair History 101. Get out your notebooks, but don’t worry, we don’t believe in pop quizzes ;)

At INH, our motto is “Never limit your self-expression.” We want our pieces to help you change up your look for every occasion and mood.  Our INH Babes inspire us everyday with how they wear our pieces to express themselves, but we have to remember the people who’ve paved the way. 

You may have learned about Marie Antoinette in your history class, but I doubt you were ever tested on her iconic hair. She was not only the inventor of the pouf (sorry, Snooki), but she also changed her hairstyle based on what was going on in France aka the ultimate form of self-expression. Let’s take a look at her most iconic looks…

It’s Coronation Day

Hair fit for a queen. In the movie biopic, Marie Antoinette, Kirsten Dunst rocks this historically accurate look for Marie’s coronation. We are loving the feathery headpiece and mega volume. She really knew how to command a room’s attention, and we’re obsessed. 

Whatever floats your boat

This has to be the most extra hairstyle ever documented. Marie wore this look in honor of a French naval victory, talk about a sign of the times. She really had a gift for mirroring what was going on in France through her hair. For your next birthday, try making your hair look like the age you’re turning. JK...unless👀

The Pouf

Her most iconic look: the classic pouf. Marie was royalty so her hair had to match her luxurious outfits. She also used flour to powder her hair when there was a low supply of it in France. She said, “I would let them eat cake, but I need the flour for my hair soooo.”

omg, wig

Just like your fav celebs and social media influencers, Marie used wigs to help change her look so frequently. She was actually a strawberry blonde under those powdered wigs, believe it or not. Wigs are the perf way to switch up your look without the damage. Marie really was ahead of her time, and for that we say ty. 


1700s France may be completely different from our lives now, but Marie Antoinette really is an example of never limiting your self-expression. Whether it’s her classic pouf or literally having a boat for hair, she was never afraid of trying something. We can all learn something from that.


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