Introducing: The Happiest Collab On The Internet

Introducing: The Happiest Collab On The Internet


We know it seems like our Hello Kitty Collab was just here, but with the holiday spirit spreading kindness all around, we wanted to create a new and special collaboration that was rooted in positivity, love, and might even put a smile on your face. 

We paired with two brands that are known for their imagination, 90s nostalgia vibes, and dedication to inspiring communities of kind and authentic people.

The result would be something for all our amazing supporters, like you, that would be trendy yet practical, and perfectly giftable while also letting your positivity and authenticity shine.

So we decided to call up our friends Smiley and Samii Ryan to give you a BSR x INH x SMILEY BRAND ultra small quantity limited edition hair accessory gift box! 



Before we jump into this too cute hair accessory box, here is a little background on our collab brands.



This unique Los Angeles based women’s brand is inspired by love and growing up in the 90s. By Samii Ryan (BSR) brings all the feel good vibes, nostalgia & emphasizes the importance of creativity and imagination.

BSR is all about making fashion accessible while focusing on values of kindness, positivity, and self love. The brand has been spotted on trendsetters from Hailey Bieber to Lil Nas X.




More than just an icon, Smiley reminds the world how powerful a smile can be. This iconic, nostalgic lifestyle brand began back in 1972. Reinvented and redefined by each generation of activists, artists and creators, they continue to thrive and influence future generations of trendsetters, 50 years on. They take pride in their thoughtful positivity messages that have inspired people all around the world.



We wanted to take our super high quality hair accessories and kick things up a notch…

This hair accessories gift box has all the essential hair accessories that every babe desires sprinkled with a bit of iconic nostalgia & happy vibes.


So what’s in this box? Keep on reading to see what this little box of smiles has in store for you!



Be kind to your hair. Be free of tangles & bad vibes.
Welcome to the bright side of brushing, our hypoallergenic & biodegradable wide tooth comb is perfect for wet hair & detangling with minimal damage... Happy styling!



All for one, one for all.
Choose kindness & embrace joy with our one-size-fits-all, nostalgic 100% cotton denim bucket hat. Timeless & comfortable, she’ll be your style sidekick for years of good times– especially if you need to skip a wash day or two while you’re out living life to the fullest.




Safe for styling & dressed in a dainty 90’s nostalgia print, throw up your hair while keeping your style soft, smooth & secure with our 3-pack of 100% cotton (& 100% abordable) scrunchies. 




For the daydreamers & the doers, our hypoallergenic & biodegradable claw clip is aesthetic & functional. Celebrate your hair with just the right amount of sparkly glitter– she’s here to hold your hair back from morning to night & is the perfect size for versatile hairstyling.



We hope this awe-inspiring collab makes you smile and helps you manifest all the happy days ahead. Remember to keep the good vibes close and continue to spread love & kindness to your friends, loved ones, and of course, your community. ❤️


Be someone’s reason to smile this season and grab this limited edition hair accessories gift box before it’s gone! 




Don’t forget to share all your smiles with us on the ‘gram @insertnamehere, @smiley, @bysamiiryan


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