Introducing: Hot Metallic Summer by Lexie & Davis

Introducing: Hot Metallic Summer by Lexie & Davis

in collaboration with INSERT NAME HERE



The forecast is calling for the hottest hues & metallic sheen from head to toe.
It’s never been easier to try the trend, thanks to your favorite hair brand & TikTok’s baddest besties: Lexie & Davis.

In case you haven’t already seen them on your FYP, Lexie Jiaras  (@lexie_jayy) is co-founder of Monty’s Good Burger (a plant-based burger chain), an influencer, and creative consultant. A total tastemaker, she’s famous on TikTok for her signature style & breakdowns on the latest news in fashion & beauty. 

Then, there’s her bestie: Davis Bates (@davis.bates). He’s an influencer and photographer to stars like Cole Sprouse, Emma Chamberlain, Phoebe Bridgers and Sydney Sweeny. You’ve seen his work in top mags like Vogue Beauty, Wonderland and L’Official.  

These two do pretty much everything together… including their hair. Now they’ve taken their friendship & trend forecasting skills to the next level—  by designing exclusive hot metallic claw clips, clip-in tinsel hi-lites, and semi-permanent hair dye that easily transform your look in minutes. 

We asked the two fashion & beauty icons our burning q’s about their hot metallic collab— and about the friendship that millions of viewers can’t get enough of. 









Why did you want to do this collab with INSERT NAME HERE?


Davis: Last July we impulse dyed our hair with the INH ‘Love a Lot Bear’ hair color. It was like… the best decision lol 


Lexie: That was very cute for us. Then I discovered the Quick Slick and it was just game over. We seriously use INH products constantly. This collab has been suuuuuuuch a dream. 



If you had to choose just one product from the collab what would it be & why?


Davis: I’d choose the Girl Crush hair dye. Blue hair can be kinda intimidating, so we wanted to create something pastel, flirty and super wearable. I’m really proud of the color we achieved :) 


Lexie: Our clip in extensions. I’m super into colored chunks right now, they’re so easy to use and so fun to wear. I pop them in all the time. 

Lexie wearing Insert Claw Clip Here and INSERT COLOR HERE in shade boy crush. 

Lexie wearing Insert Claw Clip Here and INSERT COLOR HERE in shade boy crush.



Do you have any hot hair tips?


Lexie: We’re both blondes, so our hair has been through it. We love to sneak hair masks into our life. When I wear tight buns, lots of the time I have a conditioning mask on my ends. 


Davis: I’m king of a self-care night… bath, candle lit, and repair mask in like…  3 nights a week minimum. 



What was your biggest hair regret?

Lexie: I don’t really regret any specific looks, but I definitely could have gone about them in a smarter way. The dumbest thing I did was go from blonde, to dark brunette, BACK blonde, THEN navy, THEN back blonde. Like… why didn’t I just go from brunette to navy….? So damaging. Much regret.


Davis: I think my biggest regret was going neon yellow. It was such a slay in theory, but with my skintone it just… was not giving. It was cool for photos though!



 Lexie wearing  INSERT COLOR HERE in shade girl crush.



Where do you find the best hair inspiration?


Lexie: Tiktok!!!! Nothing understands me better than my FYP. It’s totally creepy... but I’m going to overlook that and be grateful for the inspo. 


Davis: Hmmm. I’m a reallyyyy big tumblr guy. I think ‘90s advertisements are my fav references for like, all categories of life.



With over 5 million likes on TikTok, people can’t seem to get enough of your trend reports! Can you give us a run down on the hottest trends for the summer?


Lexie: Omg thank you :’) I’m (clearly) super into metallics right now. Metal eyeshadows, nail polish, literally any accessory I prefer in a colored metallic. The inspo for this collection actually came from Davis’s metallic silver nails, and these pink and blue metallic Chanel bags I want soooooo badly. I’m also really into ballet flats, sheer everything, and clear sunglasses at night right now. 



Lexie wearing INSERT COLOR HERE in shade boy crush. 



Can you tell us a little about your businesses?


Lexie: Sure! Monty’s is my main focus, she’s a vegan burger restaurant chain. We’re about 4 years old now and about to open up our 6th location. The whole thing is named after my pup, Monty, he’s my best friend (right next to Davis). 


Davis: My business is really just me! I’m a photographer, for fun and for work. People ask me what I do for fun and I’m like… oh, I’m supposed to have something different for that? I’m really lucky I get to do what I love for a living. It’s so corny I know, but I’m so grateful. 

How did you two meet?


Lexie: It was actually a blind friend date! 


Davis: Literally


Lexie: Our friend Madeline (shoutout @cheriemadeleine) suggested the 3 of us get together for a beach date. 


Davis: Yup, but then she had to bail last-minute. But… I facetimed you, you answered, and the two of us just went to the beach.


Lexie: That was our first time meeting and hanging. We spent like 10 hours together that day


Davis: And we haven’t gone a day without speaking since! 



Lexie wearing Remy Hair Extensions dyed with INSERT COLOR HERE in shades boy crush & girl crush. 




What’s your favorite summer memory together?


Lexie: Hmmmmmm. I think our era of going to Malibu so casually and frequently was the best. We got into such an amazing routine. You made me a beach girl. 


Davis: Yes!! The best days. I think those, or just days where we lay by the pool, and then get our fav pasta for dinner. Our chill days are the best. It’s also insane because we’re both going through gnarly break-ups together right now, so our chill nights where we can focus on bestie time and not male attention are IT. Highly recommend prioritizing bestie time over romantic attention every once and awhile.



If you could do one bucket list item together what would it be?


Lexie: OMG. Dare I say do a collab… with like… one of our fav brands? ;) 


Davis: OK how am I supposed to follow that up!! Duh same! 

 It’s the hottest collab of the summer, babe. 


INH Babe @phoebeduong wearing  Insert Claw Clip Here
INH Babe @stephcardenas wearing pink & blue Tinsel Hi-Lites.
Lexie wearing Remy Hair Extensions dyed with INSERT COLOR HERE in shade boy crush.
Davis wearing INSERT COLOR HERE in shade boy crush.


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