INH x National Puppy Day

INH x National Puppy Day

Hey Babes!💓

Happy National Puppy Day! At INH, we are BIG puppy people. We always have a dog in office because we can’t just leave our babies at home! We’re all about sharing the puppy love, so we thought it was time to introduce our furry friends. At INH, we’re all about never limiting your self-expression, and our INH kitties want to be dogs for the day! We just couldn’t say no to our bffs :,)

If you’re an OG INH Babe, then you already know Miss Olive aka @missoliviayorkie. She’s our COD (Chief Office Dog) and best friend of Co-Founder, Jordynn (@jordynn.wynn). Jordynn adopted Olive from the shelter 8 years ago. Jordynn originally got her for her Grandma but they bonded immediately, and Jordynn just knew she couldn’t part with her! Olive’s already hit the doubt digits at 11 years old, but she’s still our baby. Olive only drinks filtered water (ice cubes preferred); what can we say, she’s JW’s lil princess. When she’s not showering you with licks, Olive loves to snuggle. Her motto is definitely “Cuddles over everything.”

Meet Lily! Her human, Hayley, got her when she was 8 weeks old, and she’s already 8 years old. Fun fact: she’s an international pup from Canada! Her human knew she was the one just by looking at her picture! Hayley’s fav memory with Lily is taking her to the beach in Florida and watching Lily play in the sand for the first time. Lily’s one of the sweetest girls’ around; her guilty pleasure is cuddling on peoples’ chests. So flipping cute. If Lily could talk, her catchphrase would be “I’m tired from a long hard day of doing nothing.”

Willow (@willowbuglee) is def an INH Pup. Her mom, Kara (@kelizalee), adopted her 7 years ago when lil Willow was just 2 years old. Kara was the only person that Willow didn’t bite at the pound. She sat in Kara’s lap and gave her a kiss. If they weren’t already a perfect match, Willow’s gigantic ears and eyes reminded Kara of Dobby from Harry Potter, which was Kara’s high school nickname. Meant 2 b :,) She wakes Kara up every morning by snuggling close. Willow also loves pizza and will take it straight out of people’s mouths while they’re eating it! If you ever meet her, be warned that she rolls over and pees anytime someone greets her. She’s just too darn excited!

Meet Evee! She’s 6 years old, and her human Jeaneviv got her when she was just a little pupper. Little Evee was the last of her litter and the only brown one. When Jeaneviv first met her, she was the least social, but she just knew it was meant to be. Evee is a fighter! She injured her back knee when she was 4 months old and the vet said she wouldn’t be able to walk. After meds and lots of rest, Evee was back on her feet. Jeaneviv’s fav memory is seeing Evee run around the park for the first time after her recovery. Evee’s a playful one; her catchphrase would def be, “can we go outside?”

Little Luna’s just a baby! Marie’s pup is only 4 months old. Her family knew she was the one when she snuggled into their necks when they held her. Marie’s fav memory is when Luna plays with her mini tennis balls and hides them in cushions to play with later! I mean, the cutest :,) If Luna’s napping, you’ll def find her on a pillow pet. She’s also still getting potty trained, so if she could talk, she’d def say, “I must pee everywhere.” She’ll get the hang of it eventually!

Meet Shauna’s sweet snowball, Ellie! She’s 3 years old and has been part of the family since she was born. Shauna knew she was the one when she slept on her lap and peed LOL. Her fav memory of Ellie is when they went to the slopes and she blended into the snow! She could only see her eye and nose :,) Ellie’s guilty pleasure is going to Shauna’s son’s room because she know he’ll give her food (Big mood). When people call her spoiled, Ellie would def say, “I’m not spoiled. I’m just the baby.” ;)

Tanya’s duo, Bailey (white) and Zoey (brown), have been part of the fam since they were puppies. Tanya loves her babies because their personalities are so unique. Her fav memory is their first trip to the dog park. This is when she found out that Bailey and Zoey are both socially awkward and introverted, like her. They both sat on benches, away from other dogs the whole time. A match made in heaven :,) Bailey loves sunbathing at the window and Zoey always steals socks from the hamper. If they could talk, Bailey would say, “nap time is all the time,” and Zoey would say, “you got snacks in your bag?” We told you they were full of personality!

Eddie (@eddiepomsky) is Lukas’ pup! He’s a year and a half and has been apart of the fam for a year! Lukas and Eddie love playing catch (football) in the park pretending to be Tom Brady and Rob’s just not the same anymore. We’re not sure how, but Eddie has a talent for taking collars off of other dogs, extracting the squeakers from toys, and hurdling dogs at the dog park. He’s so full of energy that his catchphrase is def, “Catch me if you can.”

Jasmine’s sidekick, Po, has been part of the fam since he was just a baby! He’s already 9 years old, and loves spending his free time lying directly in the sun. Jazzy knew he was the one when she saw him for the first time. I mean look at that face, plus he “looks like a loaf of bread when he’s chunky.” Who doesn’t love bread? Po is a ladies’ man. Jazzy said she caught him flirting with their neighbor’s dog who was 5x his size. The heart wants what it wants ;) When he’s not being a casanova, he eats...everything. If he could talk, he’d say, “Can I have a snack?” 

Tim Allen (3) and Moose (2) are Zanna’s boys with big personalities. Tim Allen was adopted in 2016, and Moose joined the family in 2017! Zanna knew she had to take Tim Allen home when he showered her with cuddles and she heard his really sweet meow. A year later, Zanna and her boyfriend went back to the human society “just to look” and saw Moose. Her bf did not want another cat, but lil’ Moose fell in love with him. They just HAD to take him home. One of Zanna’s fav memories with her boys was watching Tim Allen parent Moose when she first adopted him! When they’re not pouncing on each other, Tim Allen loves belly rubs, but Moose stays cozy by napping on a warm stove. If these boys could talk, Tim Allen would say, “It’s my way or the highway,” and Moose would say, “I wanna go fast” like Ricky Bobby. 

It was love at first bite with Luna (@brittneyskitty) and Brittney (@brittneykitty). Lil Luna is 6 months old. Britt’s fav memory with Luna was on their first night. They fell asleep and Luna ended up snuggling on her head. Cuteness overload!! Luna is a big licker, and she loves going at Brit’s face. If lil’ Luna could say anything, she’d def say “IM BABY” all day :,)

Meet Jocelyn’s baby boy, Bane! He’s going to turn 5 this May, and Jocelyn has had him since he was just a kitten :,) Jocelyn knew he was the one when she went to visit him the first time and he looked at her with his big green eyes. Their first night together is Jocelyn’s fav moment. Baby Bane was scared but wouldn’t leave her side. So cute! Bane loves licking the salt off of french fries and sitting on top of Jocelyn’s books while she’s trying to read them. If he could talk, Bane would def say “I need attention. Please and thank you.” BIG MOOD

We’d love to meet your furry friends! Tag us on Instagram @insertnamehere and use #INHBabe! 

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