In the chair with our Co-Founders: Jordynn + Sharon

In the chair with our Co-Founders: Jordynn + Sharon

Better late than never...

Sharon has finally joined the ponytail party in one of our most exciting and iconic releases to date.

Named after our Co-Founder @immbunny, Sharon is all about achieving that mermaid length with 28” of loose beachy waves & slightly layered ends.

We sat down and chatted with our Co Founders about why they chose their signature namesake ponytails to represent their look, and their personalities.

Jordynn wearing the Jordynn ponytail in Honey; Sharon wearing the Sharon ponytail in Ash Blonde

We sat down with our Co Founders who spilled the tea on why
they chose their signature ponies.

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Sharon wearing the Sharon ponytail in Ash Blonde


“I love love love the beach!

My fav thing to do when I’m not working is just laying at the beach.

I feel like my personality is all about extreme opposites: an introverted extrovert. I can be the girl at the bar dancing on the table, or I’m the responsible d.d. sipping on water. The hustle and bustle of the city energizes me, but on the opposite side when I need recharging and some TLC, tropical and remote is my go-to. My top travel location would have to be El Nido Palawan, PH.

The Sharon ponytail exudes that type of energy. She’s undone but done up at the same time. She’s versatile enough to look good dressed up with heels and something glam, and with a casual look while relaxing barefoot on a beach too.

When I was choosing my ponytail style I had to go for a natural wavy pattern which to me screams 24/7 vacation glow in a hairstyle.

I also am crazy impulsive. I make dramatic crazy cuts all the time, and I love to try out new colors, so I wanted the length to be super long (since my patience won’t let me have naturally long hair)!”

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Jordynn wearing the Jordynn ponytail in Ash Brown 


"The Jordynn ponytail was actually named after me by the team because we share the same sort of vibe.

I'm super low maintenance and love a cute look with minimal effort, and Jordynn is the perfect everyday casual ponytail.

When you envision an effortless ponytail that looks pretty even post-yoga or running to the grocery store - this is what you think of. But even though it’s named after me, my natural ponytail never looked that good. I just wished it did (thankfully it does now that I have her!).

I love the versatility of her too. This ponytail is perfect for throwing on with a pair of sweats, but I can also switch her up and make her into a dramatic night-out look. You can wear her high, mid or low.

She’s incredibly comfortable to wear and lightweight. Because of her tousled layers, she also blends seamlessly into most cuts. These were all things that were super important to me.

I wanted to throw on a messy ponytail, and without checking in the mirror, feel totally confident that my hair looks great."


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