It’s already November and soon we’ll be trading our pumpkin spice lattes for gingerbread ones– but before we dive into the holidays, it’s that very special time again where we shine the spotlight on one of the INH Babes from our Facebook group and crown them with (drumroll please) Babe of the Month!


For November’s Babe of the Month, we have our techy makeup artist Chantal (she/her)! 💄 

Chantal does it all from technical support for a learning software company, to slaying as a freelance makeup artist!

Not only does this spicy Aries blow us away with her fire makeup and hair looks, but her INSERT NAME HERE hair collection is goals, with her first purchase being a little over a year ago (happy one year hair-iversary babe). 💋🎉


Don’t forget to take a peek at her Insta @makeupchanti for some stunning makeup and hair inspo!




Read on to find out where Chantal gets inspired for her looks, and why (& how!) she wears her INSERT NAME HERE – hint: including a unique way to wear Shayla! 👀 


Where are you from? 

 Boston, Massachusetts (I used Insert big waves here for the Celtics Game!)

Wearing Insert Waves Here


What do you do? 

I do technical support for a learning software company, and I am also a freelance makeup artist! 


Wearing Miya in Black Brown


What is your Zodiac Sign?

 Aries! ♈🔥

Wearing Ivy


What is your hair type?

 Long, curly, and medium density


Wearing Chloe in Black Brown 


What is your hair concern?

 My biggest hair concern is frizziness!

 Wearing Kacey in Black Brown


 What and when was your first INH purchase?

 My first INSERT NAME HERE purchase was a Shayla and Miya bundle in Black Brown, back in early 2020!

Wearing Shayla in Black Brown


Why did you choose these two for your bundle? 

 Out of the 30 products I own, I chose these two as my bundle because Shayla was my first pony and is most similar to my hair texture– and Natalia was my first wig purchase ever! INH made the transition to wigs so easy! Not every day do I want to have Natalia's cut and color or Sharon's length, but with these products, I can be whoever I want to be, whenever. I can be a different me every day!

Wearing Natalia

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How many products do you own? 

 30 Products! (This photo is probably only half)


How does INH make you feel? 

INH makes me feel like I truly have no bad hair days. Like my hair can be a complete mess under my pony/wig, and nobody knows! Also, the fact that it lets me be free and expressive with my style. Not every day do I want to have the cut and color of Natalia or the length of Sharon, but with these products, I can be whoever I want to be whenever. I can be a different me every day!

 Wearing Lola in Mocha Melt


Who/Where do you look for hair inspo?

 For the most part, I look at my mom and her work. She's been a licensed cosmetologist for over 20 years and has run a successful business for the last 18 years. She knows what's new, flattering, and definitely has steered me away from making hair regrets!

Insert Waves Here


Favorite hair hack? 

 My favorite hair hack is putting Shayla into a bun! When my hair is curly, I typically wear it in a bun anyway, and adding Shayla on top gives my hair so much more volume and life!

Wearing Shayla in Black Brown


Thank you to our babe of the month Chantal for being a part of our community and for all her fabulous INSERT NAME HERE looks and inspiration! 


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