Insert Blowout Here 101: HOW-TO'S, TRICKS & TIPS

Insert Blowout Here 101: HOW-TO'S, TRICKS & TIPS

Say goodbye to your high school blow dryer and hello to the future of effortless styling–  Insert Blowout Here! This stunning hot tool has ionic technology & ceramic titanium plates for fast, anti-frizz, silky-smooth, salon quality blowouts from home. Trust us, she's the one for you because she takes everything into consideration! From heat damage to saving time, money, and of course, she works perfectly for all hair types.




Wondering how to use it?

Don't worry! To make sure you get the perfect at home blowouts all day, every day, here is a step-by-step guide on how to use our blowout brush.




When using the blowout brush, you can apply it to dry or wet hair– but if you are using it on fresh wet hair, make sure to give your hair a good towel dry first. This helps the blowout process go a little quicker with less excess water when blowdrying.

The second but most important step when using any hot tool is using a heat protectant spray. We always recommend using a heat protectant spray to prevent any damage to your hair or your extensions! Flame Fighter adds an extra barrier between the heat and your hair strands and fights off unnecessary frizz you don't want while nourishing it with quality ingredients you definitely do want. 



After spritzing with your heat protectant spray, the next best thing to do is section your hair. The easiest way to do this is by using any sort of claw clip or scrunchie to help section your hair off (this will also depend on how much hair you have). 




Next, you will want to part your hair into upper and lower sections. Take your claw clip and wrap the top section of hair into the clip, leaving your innermost hair sections down. Separate those inner sections onto each side of your shoulders. This will also help ensure you get all the under pieces of your hair. 


If you have bangs, make sure to section them separately with a hair tie, clip, or hair curler, so they stay out of the way until it's time to style them at the end.




Now it's time to grab that beautiful hot tool brush and start styling! This blowout brush has magical ceramic technology that helps reduce damage from over-styling and uneven heat distribution. Insert Blowout Here also has three temperature settings you can choose from, so if you're worried about high heat on your hair, don't worry; we’ve got you covered.


After you turn on your blowout brush and choose your heat setting, the first thing you will do is grab about one to two inches of hair.


Next, take your blowout brush and place it as close as possible to the roots of your inner hair sections that are ready to go.


After that, turn the brush away from your roots (add a little tension) and work your way down to the ends of your hair. For best results, use your brush at a 45-degree angle.


Finally, when you get to the ends of your hair, rotate the brush a couple of times to get the famous blowout swoop finish.



You may need to repeat each section a few times to get that super silky and smooth finish, but once you have it down, you can do this process in your sleep!

Don't also forget to check out the videos below to see our babes use the blowout brush.




What about the bangs?!


Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about all you babes with bangs! After you finish styling the body of your hair, carefully put it into a loose scrunchie and then un-clip your bangs.  Next, brush all of your bangs in front of your face and grab your blowout brush. Then place the blowout brush at the end of your bangs and roll the brush up until at the root of your hair. Next, let the brush sit at the top of your roots for 20-30 seconds, and then release the hair by pulling the brush straight up. 


To get more volume and swoop, take the blowout brush and spin it a few times at the ends before you release all the bangs. Repeat as many times as needed.





-When finished styling, don’t forget to add a super shine serum to help prevent any unwanted frizz or flyaways that might appear throughout the day.

-Make sure to remove extra hair strands from the blowout brush after each use 

-If your in a rush, you can easily take bigger sections of hair for an even faster “messy” blowout look


    -Remove loose hairs after every use. 

    -Use a dry towel to clean the surface of the ceramic plate, near the bristles. 

    -Do not immerse in water. Use a semi- damp cloth (not wet & dripping) to wipe handle areas.

    -See Manual for other safety advice.


      Insert Blowout Here can be used for smooth Blowout out, voluminous blowouts, or anything in between. Remember to keep up with maintenance (we’ve got you covered under warranty for 1 year!) and make sure only to use it on 120 volts USA outlets. 


      With that said, It’s time to treat yourself to an at-home blowout with the Insert Blowout Here hot tool! Check it out, gift it to a friend, or grab it for yourself, and make sure to share all your future at home salon blowouts with us on the ‘gram @insertnamehere and use #inhbabe. 


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