How To: Braid Band

How To: Braid Band

Have you ever tried doing a braided crown with your real hair? Well if you haven’t its nearly impossible and if you have you know the pain. Our new Braid Band is the perfect solution to your problems. Made of quality synthetic fibers the band looks just like real hair and is a great addition to all your looks. Not only is the band easy to use it is also adjustable for the perfect fit every time.

When picking out your Braid Band you have a couple of choices! You can get one that matches your natural color so it blends and looks totally natural. If you are like many of us and the ends of your hair have lightened a band one shade lighter will look incredible. Even if you don’t have lightened ends using a shade lighter creates a nice contrast! Finally, no matter what color you choose you can always get 2 to create a thicker band. This trick really adds a lot of depth to your style.

If you are feeling lost on how to style your new Braid Band don’t worry we have you covered. Remember its a headband so you can style it however you like but we did want to share some of our favorite looks.

Starting simple, use it with your hair as is. That means curls, straight, wavy, or whatever you are working with will look great with Braid Band. Pull the band over your head then pull it up to rest on top of your head, you can leave all your hair pushed back or pull out some strands to create a wispy boho look. Once your band is on and in place, you can use the strap on the back to adjust for a comfortable fit.

The styling doesn’t stop there, Braid Band looks great with all looks. A half up half down style looks polished and complete with a braid! Style your hair first then apply your Braid Band to complete the look. Similarly, if you are adding a Braid Band to your look you can style and just finish the look with the band. 

We love to style our ponies and buns with Braid Band to complete the look. Miya and Britt are classics and pair well with Braid Band but any of our ponies look on point when you add a Braid Band. As mentioned earlier you cant totally wear two bands! Stack two of the same or different shades to complete your look with a little something extra.



 No matter how you choose to style your Braid Band we want to see! Tag us @InsertNameHere to show us all your looks that have been elevated with Braid Band.

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I would purchase from you but what is your return policy if the color is just not right for my hair? Cb

CYnthia Berchan

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