How to Apply the Perfect Pony

How to Apply the Perfect Pony

Hey Babes!💓

Today we’re talking all about ponies! They’re our best-sellers and the easiest way to up your hair game. Whether you want a high or low pony, follow along and check out our tutorial on how to put your hair in the perfect ponytail with a ponytail extension!

Step 1: Put your Hair in a Ponytail

First things first, you gotta put your hair in a ponytail! We love a good high pony, but you can also choose to put your hair in a medium or low pony. You can slick down your hair with gel and hairspray for a sleek look or you can let your baby hairs do their thing. It’s completely up to you! 

Pro Tip: Be sure you have a super secure ponytail holder! When ponytails don’t work out this is the culprit 99% of the time. We recommend the Goody Ouchless Forever Elastics

Step 2: Insert Hair Clip

This next step is pretty easy. Just take your INH ponytail extension and insert the combs upwards into the hair tie! 

Step 3: Secure the Velcro 

Once you’ve inserted the combs, wrap the velcro loose strand piece tightly around the base of your ponytail. Pin strand with included bobby pins to make sure it’s super secure! We provide two with every pony, but use as many as you need to feel secure!



Voila! It only takes 3 super quick steps to apply the perfect pony. Check out our selection of pony extensions and follow along for a perf pony every time!


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@Nat Hi! We suggest applying the ponytail upside down! This trick works every time! For hair that are stuck on the velcro, please know that you can remove it slowly with your fingers. :)


I love my girl but now she needs 6 star treatment and how do I keep hair from getting in the Velcro part just stuck in it in general? (I’m very careful with Brit)


I cannot wait to get mine!!!


How do you wash pony extensions


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