How to Apply Sparkle Collection

How to Apply Sparkle Collection

Y2K Hair Accessories Are Back & Better than ever

Feeling nostalgic? Get decked out & sparkle from head to toe with luxe looking, long-lasting hair jewelry! Our new Sparkle Collection was inspired by trending 90’s hair accessories as seen on Euphoria and TikTok—  but we upped the ante with elevated features like non-damaging Hotfix technology & sturdy clips.  These long wear Hotfix hair gems and clip in rhinestone hair chains are great for weddings, festivals, prom, NYE or just about any day you wanna bling it on. 


INH Babe @hairbygabriella.m using Hair Chains & Baby Blue Hotfix Hair Gems


Unlike other hair jewelry, these DIY hair gems and hair chains don’t require glue or a special applicator. All you need is something to apply heat to the gems, like a flat iron hair straightener, hair waver or hair crimper.  

Our exclusive INH Sparkle Collection at Ulta Beauty comes in the shades Iridescent, Gold and Ombre blue. The INH exclusive collection comes in Holographic, Baby Blue and Baby Pink. Both collections have White Diamond & Stars styles!



Hotfix Hair Gems
Our Hotfix Hair Gems have no glue, residue or stickiness. They’re easy to apply without damaging adhesives. Through rain or shine— they last for days. But don’t worry, when it comes time to take them off, they are effortless to remove. Wear the hair gems in braids, wavy, straight, up in a ponytail or any way you like!  You can add them to your hair extensions with temperatures up to 320 degrees (just note when adding to INFINI-FLEX™ hair extensions once you apply heat, like a straightener to a curled hair piece, you will not be able to snap it back to the original style).


How do I apply my hair gems?





  • 1. Cut the desired size & shape of your hair gem strip (you can do one at a time if you choose). Remove the backing.


  • 2. Set the gems on a section of your hair in the desired location, with the clear label side facing outward.


  • 3. Heat using a hair straightener, hair waver, or hot tool that heats on both the front and back of the gem– tap on each individual hair gem for about 3-5 seconds (go one by one pressing each stone)


  • 4. Voila! Simply remove the clear label and enjoy days of shine!


    How long does it stay?


    The adhesive is strong enough to keep the gem in the hair for 2+ days or several shampoos. Note: it depends on how often you wash your hair, if you use products with oils or hairspray, if you comb directly over the area etc.


    Plus, these hair accessories are safe for kids to wear as long as an adult is there to help children with application whenever heat is involved.


    INH Babe @cadijhawilson Wearing Sharon ponytail in Black Brown & White Diamond Hotfix Hair Gems


    How do I remove my hair gems?


    Your hair gems should last through several shampoos and gentle brushing, eventually falling out by themselves. To extend the life of your gems, avoid conditioning the areas where they’re applied.

    If you’d like to remove sooner, saturate the area with conditioner or hair oil, let it soak in for a few minutes, and rub gently until the gem detaches. Why does the conditioner take it out? It breaks down the Hotfix adhesive. 

    Alternatively, you can use a heated flat iron to tap over it again to heat it back up and comb it out or gently peel it off. Hair spray directly to the area also works.

    To avoid damage, do not pull or pick off dry, unconditioned hair.


    INH Babe @cheri_ri in Metallic Star Hotfix Hair Gems


    Rhinestone Hair Accessories: Clip in Hair Chains


    Our Hair Chain is easy to wear— simply clip on or clip off. It is comfortable & damage-free, with no slip grip. And one of the best parts is how versatile our hair jewelry chains are. Style up, down, in braids… Let your creativity take over! Each hair chain pack comes with 2 clip ins and each clip has 2 chains. The color combos include: All White Diamond chains, Pink & White Diamond chains and Blue & White Diamond chains.


    INH Babe @kxpng in Chains & Lara ponytail in Sandy Blonde


    How do I apply my hair chain?



    Snap in some sparkle with these simple steps:

    • 1. Section your hair around the crown of your head. 

    • 2. Bling it on! Simply snap the clips to each desired area. 

    • 3. Blend the top section of hair overtop & cover the clips. 

    • 4. Style as desired!

    Pro tip: tease at the root before applying for a secure hold.


    Want to cut your hair chain to a shorter length?


    With caution, you can use a strong pair of scissors, x-acto knife or box cutter to cut the chain to your preferred length.


    INH Babe @whoaajessica in Baby Pink Hotfix Hair Gems & Chains


    ​​We wanna see you sparkle in your hair gems and hair chains! Tag us on Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest, Twitter & Facebook and use the hashtag #INHBabe. 

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